Quality vs Quantity

I can’t believe our 2 week vacation is almost up.

There was so many things to do on my wish list, mostly places to eat at or friends to see and meet. But I tried to make this trip more about the kids and less about me (and my expanding waistline-don’t get me started). Every time there was an opportunity to spend more time with the cousins (my husband’s side) or with titas/titos/ninangs/lolos/lolas (mostly my side) I would always choose that over something I planned or wanted to do. To see the joy on my son’s faces only makes me believe that I made the right choice.


kids checking out Grandpa’s chicks!

With my first son interacting more and my youngest being as cute as he is (mother’s love). I tried to divide our time so that the kids would have equal time with both sides of the family. It wasn’t easy and being a sensitive person myself I didn’t want to offend or neglect anyone. Our first week was spent mostly with my husband’s side of the family where my sons have 5 other cousins to play with.


Aden with his Ate Ninang

While our last week was/is spent with my side of the family where Adrian mostly has adults for playmates (- which means he is being spoiled to no end) and Aden has an abundant supply of nannies (yay! for me).

family shot before lunch

family shot before lunch

I would like to believe that it’s NOT the amount of time we spend with each side of the family that matters but the quality and the memories we will take away from them. I do wish my sons and our family appreciate the effort I put into making everything fair with regards to dividing our vacation time. It was truly short but a sweet one.

as the saying goes:

Love is a quality, not a quantity.

Vanna Bonta quotes


2 Comments on “Quality vs Quantity”

  1. jam says:

    i can’t believe your vacation is almost over :((( we spent months counting the days till you guys fly home to manila! let’s countdown to your next vacation? 🙂 *hug*

  2. I know! I cant believe I’m back where I started! Silver lining I’m here in Dubai blogging again! haha

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