Emirates Park Zoo

Looks like I’m on my way to visiting and writing about every zoo in the UAE. This weekend we went to the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi.


My boys at the front entrance of the zoo


baby goats “kids” were freely walking around the grounds

A little background, my 3-year-old absolutely loves animals. That’s the main reason we go around everywhere visiting different zoos. His sweet little face just lights up as soon as we enter the premises. I remember when he was smaller he showed no fear of them at all. He would get as close as he can to try to touch them or feed them even if they look scary to me (fear is subjective isn’t it?) but during this particular trip I can feel that there was little fear in his eyes when he got too close to some of them. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing it just makes me realize that he’s losing a bit of his childhood innocence. The one where he thinks everyone and everything in this world is safe and that nothing in this world can harm him. This makes me feel a bit sad because my first baby is growing up.

Emirates Park Zoo is not as big as compared to Al Ain Zoo, the animals here are in smaller quarters and closer to each other. which means there was less walking for me.


My baby Aden with the Donkey

Another milestone I should note for my future reference is, my baby Aden is getting more comfortable in his stroller now. Up until now he always wanted to be carried by me (and only me) around. But lately, he doesn’t mind staying in his stroller with a soft toy or something to play with or even being carried by daddy. (They’re growing up soooooo fast!!!)

Aside from the small area to walk on at the Emirates Zoo, I also liked how they divided the area into aquatic animals, predators, amphibians, etc. it made it easy for us to visit each area and move around in an organized way. I was excited to find out that the zoo also offers guests to rent a chalet you can stay overnight or longer. I initially loved this idea because let’s face it, how cool would it be to sleep in the zoo with all the animals just outside your door. My Adrian would be over the moon about this. But my husband brought it to my attention that it might not smell so good inside and outside the room because of all the animals outside. The animal enclosures are literally just outside the hotel room doors the smell of their manure will surely travel far and wide. Around the zoo there are also a number of mini restaurants you can relax and have a seat at. I like this very much because it enabled me to sit and rest my feet while Adrian ogled and talked to some of the animals. With the other zoos we’ve visited there are very limited seating that it’s always full of people resting their weary feet because of all the walking. I specifically loved one that was named “Giraffe Cafe” which has a big open window to the giraffe enclosure that enables them to poke their heads in and eat out of our plates or you can also feed them some leaves you can buy at the front entrance to feed the giraffes.


Giraffe Cafe, where you can sit and have a coffee and the Giraffes just poke their head into the dining area


one of the open dining areas where you everybody is welcome to sit and stare at the animals in their enclosure


My husband loved the “kid” so much he wanted to bring it home with us


The first and only albino camel I’ve ever seem


Adrian hanging out with the monkeys



the very friendly camel that gets too close for my comfort


Adrian just loves going to the zoo


3 Comments on “Emirates Park Zoo”

  1. Janice says:

    Cute cute cute!!! Adrian looked so happy 🙂 Aden looked like a bored lolo in the first picture. Hahaha

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