Getting some cuzin love


multiple selfies

Last week my cousin Tanya was here in Dubai for work. She’s the only relative I have that I get to see more than once a year (when her schedule permits it). I look forward to these visits because although it may be short it’s always sweet. She also happens to love sweets so dessert is always on our agenda. I’ve always loved conversations with Tan because I feel like she’s my only cousin who can relate to me the most – we’re both married, with children and both living away from our family.

Because of her work she gets to go around visiting all our relatives around the world. This may well be a blessing or a curse for she has become our official courier of sorts. Sending simple tokens to relatives in the US to me or to the Philippines and vice versa. Thanks for bringing the sweets from US Tan and for always bringing something for the boys. Until next time!




Tan reading with Adrian his new book


3 Comments on “Getting some cuzin love”

  1. Janice says:

    Is it just me or does Adrian seem like such a big boy in the first picture? He seems to have grown up from the time he was here! Na stress sa Manila? Hehehe

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks Nix. It’s also a joy for me to see you and the boys. You have grown up to be a lovely and dedicated wife and mother and a great writer too. We are proud of you! Until our next “date”.

  3. @janice I think na stress nga! pumayat pa nga siya eh! haha

    @tan – Thanks! it truly is a great compliment coming from you. Let’s try to plan our future summer getaways with the boys ok?

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