Mall Walking

Only in Dubai that Mall Walking is considered as a sport. Ok, it’s not going to be included in the Olympics any time soon but there’s a local group known as Mall Walkers here in Dubai that goes around the Mall of the Emirates that takes their walking very seriously even counting their total KM from all the walking they’ve done since they started their walking group. I was surprised to see that some people even post messages on forums asking for mall walking companions. I on the other hand have got my hands full with my mall walking partner (Aden). Because of this group of people the mall’s door is open as early as 8:00 AM. The best part is, it’s not open exclusively for them so anyone can do their own mall walking without joining the group.

I’ve accidentally discovered this one morning after dropping Adrian to school and I had to do some food shopping from Carrefour at the Mall of the Emirates which opens at 9:00 AM with nowhere to hang out at, I decided to wait it out at the mall parking but as I saw cars parking and women in their walking attire entering the mall, this naturally aroused my curiosity and that’s when I saw them, and started doing the same too.

Because Mall of the Emirates is halfway to our house and halfway from Adrian’s school once I finish walking I just wait at the mall until it’s time for me to pick up Adrian. But now, I’ve moved on to Ibn Battuta, a mall closer to our house, so after I walk the length of the mall (which I’m thinking should be about 2.5KM) I simply just go home and avoid hanging out around the mall just to be tempted by Starbucks, Costa and other breakfast spots open at that time.

As I promised myself from my earlier post SAFA PARK I’m going to try to continue my walking exercise. Especially now that I’ve found the perfect place to do it for the summer. It seems that there really is no more excuses for me NOT to do it huh?


long empty corridors of Ibn Battuta mall at 8:30 AM


temptation – but I’ve devised a way to avoid it – I don’t bring my wallet with me – simple!


fellow mall walkers



Summer is finally upon us fellow Dubaians and you know what that means? No more trips to the beach or picnics at the park. It’s time to run to the malls to get some relief from the heat.

For a mom of two boys this means kids don’t get to play outside anymore. This is where FUN CITY comes to the rescue! Fun City is an indoor play area that enables our kids here in Dubai to still enjoy their play time without burning themselves in the summer heat.

Last weekend I brought my small one to their branch in Ibn Battuta. Because he’s 11 months old we could go to their Fun n’ Learn. I like this area because everything is matted and the toys available are perfect for kids from 0-4 yrs old. It’s also nice to see that the attendant seems to be adamant at cleaning around to keep the place sanitized.

I let my littlest spidey free and I could tell he was enjoying every minute. Although I always say that Aden and I are inseparable during the week, we alwasy have something “important” to do – chores mostly and school run. So to spend this friday morning with only him felt like a special one on one time with mommy.

I’m anticipating more play areas in our future…especially when Adrian is off from school and rest assured I will be sharing them with you.





Jumeirah Restaurant Week : Noodle House Dubai Mall


For lunch this Saturday we redeemed another free meal from our Sirius Points. I’m so grateful I thought I’d give them free ad space on my blog.

Having guests over last year we were able to accumulate a small number of points from the Jumeirah Group. It’s not much but it was enough for us to get about three free meals now from them (not bad!).

20130525-162100.jpgOur latest one, we claimed it during restaurant week (23 MAy – 01 June 2013). During this week they have a special set menu wherein you can choose from their choice of starters, main course and a dessert all for a set price.

The over all experience was very relaxing and pleasant because of the free wi-fi Adrian was well-behaved and Arnie and I was able to enjoy about 5 mins of peaceful eating before Aden started acting up. Story of my life huh?.

Thank you to Sirius and until next time.



Roast duck wonton soup with noodles


Spicy chicken wings with pineapple salsa


Beef Kway Teow
Wok fried beef with rice noodles, beansprouts and chives.


Ayam Percik
Malaysian chicken curry Marinated chicken thigh pieces in a coconut curry sauce and served with steamed Jasmin rice.


Indonesian coffee and cardamom cheesecake


Spiced Apple and caramel wontons


From the Junior Menu: Crispy chicken with Tomato sauce





who doesn’t love free wi-fi?


Ice tea with an infusion of mint
Drinks not included in the Restaurant week menu.

Julianna Gabrielle


the birthday girl

This sweet little 4-year-old is the daughter of our friends Julios and Jenette. We lovingly call her Ate Gabbie because she’s the eldest of the 2009 batch babies (there are 4 in our circle of friends who had babies that year and I love them all like they were my own).

It amazes me how grown up she is greeting guests at her party and being the gracious host in the absence of her parents, saying hi, taking our gift, saying thank you and pulling Adrian to join them at their game with her friends. It seemed so natural to her that it reminded me of one time we visited her on a weekday afternoon at their house and she started preparing a plate of milk and cookies for Adrian without any instructions from her mother.

It made me realize that children definitely inherit their social skills from their parents. Take for example Gabbie, her parents are very active in many organizations here in Dubai that leads them to interact with different people. It wouldn’t surprise me if this little girl grows up to be the President of the Philippines.

Happy Birthday ate Gabbie! All the best wishes to you our sweet baby girl. We love you!

-Ninong Arnie, Ninang Nix, Adrian and Aden



the spread


the early birds


prayer before meals


blowing the candles


GAMES! Which Adrian enjoyed so much it was a joy for us to watch him participate and win.


Red velvet cake from Magnolia Bakery, it was so good I’m still getting goosebumps from it 2 days after

Thanks for inviting us! We had sooo much fun!

Children’s City Dubai

Last weekend we visited the Children’s City at the Creek Park in Dubai. It is NOT a new children’s attraction in Dubai, it’s actually been here for quite a while but since we never had kids before there was simply no reason to visit. With the boys full of energy all the time we are constantly looking for places to go to keep them entertained, especially Adrian.

For a very least charge of 15 aed ($4.08) for adults and 10 aed ($2.72)per child I feel like this place has so much more value for the money. Adrian was so amazed at everything it was infectious! I found myself being as giddy and excited as my 4-year-old was. Every new exhibit Adrian would say…

Look! What’s that mommy, what’s that?!”

just made me love the place even more. I was excited to see everything at once I didn’t have the chance to explain to Adrian each project which made me plan a trip back there during the summer when school is out and we could spend the day there exploring each display!

I love explaining things how things work to Adrian now because he absorbs everything quickly and can apply it when the situation arises. (What can I say? I’m the mom! of course I would think my son is a genius!)

Needless to say we enjoyed our weekend at the park and is definitely a two thumbs up from me.


Learning about the flow of electricity


making bubbles the hard way.


boys enjoying the display


a bouncy “jungle”(?) for the younger kids


riding a mechanical horse and learning about them at the same time – genius!


my personal fave! a BIG PC and Adrian sitting on the mouse! It really works! you can play a game of memory by controlling the mouse.


love this – fooled the boys with the ON switch for the air was on the floor so the kids thought I made the ball float on my own (some magician acting done by mom) = boys amazed look! wink wink


library for the kids who love to read!


aerial view of the cultural display


MALIK burger (Arnie’s fave next to Tropical Hut! hehe)

Buckle Up In The Back


I was driving along Al Wasl road last week and saw this car advertising about BUCKLE UP IN THE BACK. As soon as I got to Adrian’s school I checked out her twitter – followed her and liked her on FB (of course). I support this cause so much that I couldn’t believe that  I’ve never heard of her before. Now I do and in my own small way this is how I’m helping her spread her word.

As I do the school run every morning, I drive with my boys everyday and although I try to drive as careful as I can be I can’t guarantee others do the same. Buckling up the kids at the back is another way I can do to help me know that my kids are safe and avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Check out her website: and support her cause.


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China Garden

Been craving for some Chinese food for quite some time now but most especially their Duck Pancake! So from previous experience I know of this small restaurant that some would describe as a “Hole in the wall” type of restaurant that serves yummy Duck Pancake at a reasonable price.
I was so excited for this that I didn’t even eat anything since lunch time, which I have to tell you for a 35 week pregnant lady is NOT EASY!!!!
Chicken sweet-corn soup 15AED; BBQ Duck 62 AED; Special Fried Rice 28 AED; Beef Sizzlers 31 AED
Serving portions are big! I ordered soup because I have gotten used to it, since I was little every time we eat at a Chinese Restaurant we always had soup before our meal. The Duck pancake was only a  half order but could maybe feed 3-4 if non of you are pregnant! haha The fried rice was good it can be eaten on it’s own, believe me, I did! and the beef, well I cannot comment on it because I didn’t taste it (I concentrated on my duck and the fried rice the whole evening)


The restaurant itself doesn’t get that busy but they’re Take away and delivery can take some time to wait, so I’ve heard. Here’s a link to their menu: China Garden if you want to give them a try.