The picky eater is … mommy

When it comes to my children’s eating habits, I take pride that I was able to raise Adrian as a relatively “open-minded” type of eater. He may always say that he wants to eat “chicken“, but when I give him something else – he will eat it anyway. He’s let’s say a “might as well” type of eater as in “if there is no choice – might as well“.

With regards to my Aden, he’s another case, lately he’s slowly showing signs of some forms of rebellion when it comes to food. Because of this, I always complain to Arnie that having a picky eater son is simply not acceptable. After my nth time of expressing this thought (and believe me I can be repetitive sometimes) Arnie simply stated – “eh ikaw nga yung mapili eh!” (you are actually the picky one).

This statement surprised me a lot, as in if I had some plates in my hand, I would have dropped them to the floor, that’s how surprised I was. But instead of answering back I simply just smiled because for Arnie to say something like that, it means it might be true. A little info on my husband; He’s the type of person who will think first before he speaks. So when he said this, I had a feeling he might be right. I swallowed my pride and assessed what would’ve led him to this conclusion.

Upon careful reflection, I’m afraid to say that he may be correct (as always) such as, when we have sinigang for lunch/dinner (which is at least once a week) I always prepare something else for me. I mean if I was truly the non-picky eater I boast to be, then any type of food should be alright for me right? When the real fact is I don’t make food that I don’t like so it may seem like I eat everything.

Raining on my parade and making me realize that I was not the perfect example for my children when it comes to eating only challenged me more to work hard on changing my bad habits and show a better example for my kids. I guess I have to throw away my emergency food delivery pamphlets huh?


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