One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

During our afternoon school run today, I left Aden at home. Now before you start calling child services on me – HE WAS NOT ALONE. I have someone working part time for me once in awhile who is also a relative of a friend; ergo – I trust her.

Anyway, normally I wouldn’t leave him at home to bother her with her ironing duties, but today Aden fell asleep 10 mins before I had to leave for school pick up. He was sleeping so soundly that I thought it was absolutely cruel to carry him to the car and wake him. With her go signal to just leave him and let him sleep, I did.

Also, because of his track record of sleeping at least 2 hours for morning nap time I decided to leave him with her. I was confident I’d be in and out in 30-45 mins if I stick to the highway and pass through Salik.

When Adrian and I got back, Aden was awake but not crying, Auntie did say he woke up 20 mins after I have left, cried a little but was completely over as soon as she switched to DISNEY channel.

I was quite happy about this because it meant he was slowly developing to be independent from me and that maybe he was ready to cut the umbilical cord. Yes folks! Our bond is as tight as if our cord was never cut 10 months ago (almost 11). You can’t blame the kid ever since he was born we were connected to the hip – literally!

As soon as I got home it was business as usual, business meaning our daily routine – prepare the lunch – feed the kids – bath time and then nap. But this afternoon the boys just didn’t want to sleep, I figured because Auntie was in the house, Adrian wanted as much attention he can get from our guest and Aden just simply felt his brother’s enthusiasm and so I didn’t think of it much.

What I slowly realized was Aden was starting to get clingy like 3-5 moths old Aden clingy again. Like the moment I would leave the play mat area of our living room he would start crying for mommy. At first I didn’t think much of it maybe he just missed me. But tonight as my baby sleeps close to me I saw something horrible, he has reverted back to his thumb (finger) sucking which as of 2 weeks ago was gone.

Is it possible that me leaving him behind has coaxed him into self soothing himself again? That all our progress of small forms of independence has completely puffed into thin air? I was only gone for 45 mins!!!!

Could this be the seed of future abandonment issues he would discuss with his shrink?

Whatever it is –

To Aden’s shrink,

I was the culprit! Tell him to call his mother! 



One Comment on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

  1. Carina says:

    Cant help laughing, its just a phase in Aden’s amazing stages, hope he’ll get over it soon

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