Miracle Garden


For our weekend outdoor adventure this week we visited the Miracle Garden in Dubai. It’s a man-made garden that they built-in the middle of the desert. I guess it’s called “miracle” because it literally was a miracle that it grew in the middle of the desert.


love the shadows




I didn’t know what to expect but at least the boys got to get some sun and was able to play outdoors (for a while). We were there by 9:00AM to avoid the afternoon heat but even at 9:00AM the sun was beating down on us hard, I guess summer is fast approaching and outdoor activities may soon end because summer here is just unbearable.



It was probably because of the heat or because Arnie and I are truly NOT the outdoor type but as soon as we entered the garden we found ourselves walking towards the refreshments area. Ice cream was a welcome treat from the heat.


refreshments stand


Enjoying kuya’s rejected ice cream.


boys looking like they’ve hiked all day when we have just arrived at the garden

Aside from the heat, we did enjoy our morning stroll at the garden. Will we do it again? Most likely – NO. But I’m glad I fulfilled my task to take the boys out of our normal weekend home-mall-home routine.




not so happy with being in the sun while the photographers were in the shade








sorry I couldn’t give you more info on Miracle Garden but if you click the link above it should take you to their homepage.


4 Comments on “Miracle Garden”

  1. Janice says:

    Kuya looks like such a tourist!! Haha. I like the umbrella walkway very cute!! 🙂

    • Haha! Siya nagpabili ng shades na yan! Tapos yung hat Sanay Siya sa school haha yes I loved the umbrella walkway as well but the execution…d man Lang tinanggal tag price! SALE pa yung nga umbrella!!! Haha

  2. finoitlabs says:

    Interesting spider man

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