The Birthday Cake

Party update: I was looking forward to ordering a cake from FADGE CAKES but as I exchanged emails with Mhin, I came to know that we were suppose to pick up our cake from Deira. And living from where we are and the party place it would have been hard for us to pick it up on the day off.

It may seem not a big deal but Deira is a “no go zone” for me. I always get lost and I always lose my bearings when I’m there. AND I can’t afford to be frazzled on that day because I’m sure there will be a million little details that need to be attended on so getting lost in Deira is definitely NOT on the list.

It’s a shame too because she came highly recommended by a friend. If you ever need her services please give her a try. She’s very accommodating when you message her so don’t hesitate even if it is just to inquire.

I’m all for supporting small businesses especially “kabayans” and friends of friends. I have a special place in my heart for housewives trying to make a business out of a hobby. It is because a dear friend of mine is doing the same in Bahrain (I promise to write about her soon) and I’m really proud of her.

And so the hunt continues for my cake supplier. There are a number of cake stores beside my venue which will be easy for me to do the pick up but I’m still hoping to help a housewife or a working mom with a hobby that has blossomed into a small business because I believe they put extra love on the cake and that’s what makes it more delicious.


my peg for Aden’s birthday cake


2 Comments on “The Birthday Cake”

  1. Carina says:

    Yes, salute to the housewives, i miss Cynthia

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