Safa Park

I’ve always had weight issues. Growing up relatives would always comment on how “big” I looked and they don’t mean the big as in tall, they meant the other thing. So I try to control my husband when he calls our kids “TABA” (fatso). Yes kids are cuter when they are a bit heavy and I too sometimes slip up and call my baby “tabachinching“. That is why I am trying to show a good example and exercise more to show them how good it feels when you take proper care of yourself.

To do this, I TRY to walk around Safa Park during the weekdays, when I can. Safa Park is a park in the middle of the city. It has a jogging path that goes around for 3500M. I like walking there in the morning because it helps me discipline myself to finish the circuit and walk the 3.5KM. Unlike when I walk around our place, If I feel just a bit of discomfort the temptation to go home is there and most often than not, I always give in. It’s very close to Adrian’s school so after my school run I go straight there.

I always make sure Aden has eaten so that he will not distract me when I do my walk. Lots of people walk or jog there in the morning and most of them are fit and slim. I always tell myself, if I keep this up I may be one of them someday and that’s what keeps me going.


Ladies in their ABAYAS (Dubai’s national dress) walking around the park.


exercise machines for public use in the park


TIM HORTONS across the street that always calls my name when I pass by this corner “Nicole, come and eat here, I have coffee and donuts!” -proud to say I’ve never answered him back – YET!

One year from now I’m going to write another SAFA PARK post and tell you if I did it or maybe write about the excuse I came up with why I couldn’t do it. I still can’t see any results but I’m happy about my efforts. I just hope I continue to have this attitude and not get frustrated (like I always do).


5 Comments on “Safa Park”

  1. Janice says:

    Go go go!! Rooting for you pang!! 😊

  2. jam says:

    I’ll join you in your walk when I visit 😉

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