China Garden

Been craving for some Chinese food for quite some time now but most especially their Duck Pancake! So from previous experience I know of this small restaurant that some would describe as a “Hole in the wall” type of restaurant that serves yummy Duck Pancake at a reasonable price.
I was so excited for this that I didn’t even eat anything since lunch time, which I have to tell you for a 35 week pregnant lady is NOT EASY!!!!
Chicken sweet-corn soup 15AED; BBQ Duck 62 AED; Special Fried Rice 28 AED; Beef Sizzlers 31 AED
Serving portions are big! I ordered soup because I have gotten used to it, since I was little every time we eat at a Chinese Restaurant we always had soup before our meal. The Duck pancake was only a  half order but could maybe feed 3-4 if non of you are pregnant! haha The fried rice was good it can be eaten on it’s own, believe me, I did! and the beef, well I cannot comment on it because I didn’t taste it (I concentrated on my duck and the fried rice the whole evening)


The restaurant itself doesn’t get that busy but they’re Take away and delivery can take some time to wait, so I’ve heard. Here’s a link to their menu: China Garden if you want to give them a try.

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