Children’s City Dubai

Last weekend we visited the Children’s City at the Creek Park in Dubai. It is NOT a new children’s attraction in Dubai, it’s actually been here for quite a while but since we never had kids before there was simply no reason to visit. With the boys full of energy all the time we are constantly looking for places to go to keep them entertained, especially Adrian.

For a very least charge of 15 aed ($4.08) for adults and 10 aed ($2.72)per child I feel like this place has so much more value for the money. Adrian was so amazed at everything it was infectious! I found myself being as giddy and excited as my 4-year-old was. Every new exhibit Adrian would say…

Look! What’s that mommy, what’s that?!”

just made me love the place even more. I was excited to see everything at once I didn’t have the chance to explain to Adrian each project which made me plan a trip back there during the summer when school is out and we could spend the day there exploring each display!

I love explaining things how things work to Adrian now because he absorbs everything quickly and can apply it when the situation arises. (What can I say? I’m the mom! of course I would think my son is a genius!)

Needless to say we enjoyed our weekend at the park and is definitely a two thumbs up from me.


Learning about the flow of electricity


making bubbles the hard way.


boys enjoying the display


a bouncy “jungle”(?) for the younger kids


riding a mechanical horse and learning about them at the same time – genius!


my personal fave! a BIG PC and Adrian sitting on the mouse! It really works! you can play a game of memory by controlling the mouse.


love this – fooled the boys with the ON switch for the air was on the floor so the kids thought I made the ball float on my own (some magician acting done by mom) = boys amazed look! wink wink


library for the kids who love to read!


aerial view of the cultural display


MALIK burger (Arnie’s fave next to Tropical Hut! hehe)


5 Comments on “Children’s City Dubai”

  1. Janice says:

    I would looooove this πŸ™‚

  2. Janice says:

    There’s a newly opened Mind Museum here. My fellow nerd (Aki) and I are gonna check it out soon. I’ll tell you about it baka that can be on your list when you come here again 😊

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