Julianna Gabrielle


the birthday girl

This sweet little 4-year-old is the daughter of our friends Julios and Jenette. We lovingly call her Ate Gabbie because she’s the eldest of the 2009 batch babies (there are 4 in our circle of friends who had babies that year and I love them all like they were my own).

It amazes me how grown up she is greeting guests at her party and being the gracious host in the absence of her parents, saying hi, taking our gift, saying thank you and pulling Adrian to join them at their game with her friends. It seemed so natural to her that it reminded me of one time we visited her on a weekday afternoon at their house and she started preparing a plate of milk and cookies for Adrian without any instructions from her mother.

It made me realize that children definitely inherit their social skills from their parents. Take for example Gabbie, her parents are very active in many organizations here in Dubai that leads them to interact with different people. It wouldn’t surprise me if this little girl grows up to be the President of the Philippines.

Happy Birthday ate Gabbie! All the best wishes to you our sweet baby girl. We love you!

-Ninong Arnie, Ninang Nix, Adrian and Aden



the spread


the early birds


prayer before meals


blowing the candles


GAMES! Which Adrian enjoyed so much it was a joy for us to watch him participate and win.


Red velvet cake from Magnolia Bakery, it was so good I’m still getting goosebumps from it 2 days after

Thanks for inviting us! We had sooo much fun!


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