Jumeirah Restaurant Week : Noodle House Dubai Mall


For lunch this Saturday we redeemed another free meal from our Sirius Points. I’m so grateful I thought I’d give them free ad space on my blog.

Having guests over last year we were able to accumulate a small number of points from the Jumeirah Group. It’s not much but it was enough for us to get about three free meals now from them (not bad!).

20130525-162100.jpgOur latest one, we claimed it during restaurant week (23 MAy – 01 June 2013). During this week they have a special set menu wherein you can choose from their choice of starters, main course and a dessert all for a set price.

The over all experience was very relaxing and pleasant because of the free wi-fi Adrian was well-behaved and Arnie and I was able to enjoy about 5 mins of peaceful eating before Aden started acting up. Story of my life huh?.

Thank you to Sirius and until next time.



Roast duck wonton soup with noodles


Spicy chicken wings with pineapple salsa


Beef Kway Teow
Wok fried beef with rice noodles, beansprouts and chives.


Ayam Percik
Malaysian chicken curry Marinated chicken thigh pieces in a coconut curry sauce and served with steamed Jasmin rice.


Indonesian coffee and cardamom cheesecake


Spiced Apple and caramel wontons


From the Junior Menu: Crispy chicken with Tomato sauce





who doesn’t love free wi-fi?


Ice tea with an infusion of mint
Drinks not included in the Restaurant week menu.


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