Summer is finally upon us fellow Dubaians and you know what that means? No more trips to the beach or picnics at the park. It’s time to run to the malls to get some relief from the heat.

For a mom of two boys this means kids don’t get to play outside anymore. This is where FUN CITY comes to the rescue! Fun City is an indoor play area that enables our kids here in Dubai to still enjoy their play time without burning themselves in the summer heat.

Last weekend I brought my small one to their branch in Ibn Battuta. Because he’s 11 months old we could go to their Fun n’ Learn. I like this area because everything is matted and the toys available are perfect for kids from 0-4 yrs old. It’s also nice to see that the attendant seems to be adamant at cleaning around to keep the place sanitized.

I let my littlest spidey free and I could tell he was enjoying every minute. Although I always say that Aden and I are inseparable during the week, we alwasy have something “important” to do – chores mostly and school run. So to spend this friday morning with only him felt like a special one on one time with mommy.

I’m anticipating more play areas in our future…especially when Adrian is off from school and rest assured I will be sharing them with you.






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