Sharjah Aquarium

Our long weekend is almost to an end, in the beginning, there was a promise of water slides and kiddie pools but because of certain circumstances we had to postpone for another day.Much to the dismay of my oldest child, Adrian.

He is now at the age where he understands everything and nothing at the same time. What do I mean? Well, he understands the part where we will go swimming etc etc but when plans change and he cannot go swimming – it seems that he suddenly CANNOT understand any English! That’s the reason I hate breaking plans with him because one it takes forever to calm him down and two it breaks my heart when he seems so hurt that I promised something and did not follow through.

Good thing daddy Arnie had a contingency plan and that was to visit the Sharjah Aquarium. Since we had our boys, Arnie has been on the look out to visit kid friendly places we would never have thought of going to sans children.

Introducing the Sharjah Aquarium, from the start it was much better than the Manila Ocean Park (which was a FAIL in my book, I’d rather not write about it). Since it was a holiday there was no traffic going to Sharjah. With the help of our google maps we found the place effortlessly (who needs GARMIN, haha)

Adrian was over the moon happy going around seeing the different “fishes” (as he liked to call them) from different parts of the UAE. Which was a plus in my book because not only do the kids get to see and learn about different species they also learn where it can be found in the UAE. Even my Aden was showing signs of excitement not complaining about sitting on his stroller and pointing and shouting at the top of his voice. Which was the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

A ticket to the Aquarium also lets you enter the neighboring Maritime museum so it was like you paid for 2 attractions for the price of one (++). The Maritime Museum showcased the old boats that the UAE people used to use for diving pearls and much more. Both museums were fully air conditioned (on high I have to add) which was a truly appreciated because of the raising temperatures outside.

Enjoy our Al Isra’a Wal Miraj photos:




i love this part! The floor was transparent so you can see the aquarium from above.


the cafeteria


my sweet sweet first born


the souvenir shop


too hot outside






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