A teleserye life

Lately it feels like I’m living with a couple of drama actors like Coco Martin and Piolo Pascual. Not because my sons are good looking (although they are #motherslove) but because lately everything turns into a scene from a teleserye. Mostly staring Adrian, Aden is the unintentional supporting actor. Unintentional because he is still too young and can only cry and wail to express his frustrations so I’m kinda ok with that. But Adrian, wow oh wow! you’d think someone who cries so much will damage his tear ducts.

Drama titles coming to my head are:

I don’t want a banana, mommy!

(tears and pouting face on the side)

No! I don’t want to sleep!

(with some kicking and screaming)

Aden is kicking me!

Mommy!! Can you play?

I want juice!

and many many many more!

I think this is because Aden has been getting a little more attention lately because he’s gonna be one in 3 days! And maybe I’ve been neglecting him somehow. But really, how much neglect can I do? We are only four in the house, and I don’t even pay that much attention to Arnie anymore so really my kids get 50% each of my attention.

Household chores and personal hygiene sometimes take a back seat to my children’s needs. I’ve given up all the things I like to do just so my kids get whatever they want (not true)  and it’s still not enough? (Look, who’s the drama queen now?)

Me on my acceptance speech on winning the Oscars:

I want to thank all the people who worked hard to help me get this award. My children without whom all this drama would’ve been unnecessary.

#justsaying #middayrants


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