I shopped like my husband…

Yesterday, Aden didn’t want to take his morning nap and since I really really wanted to get myself something new to wear for the party I dragged him to Mall of the Emirates before Adrian’s afternoon school pick up. With only an hour and a half to go shopping I had to call on my inner Arnie shopper.

If I may explain, this is how we shop

Arnie’s thought bubble:

I need shoes, black for work, here’s one, reasonably price, use the credit card to get points”


Here’s my shopping thought bubble:

“I need shoes, flats, wedge, peep toe, or sandals? black, brown? hmmm This looks good…wait I might find something cheaper…here’s one, not what I’m looking for but it will do, wait I want to look some more…oh no, I’m running out of time, might as well get the first one, WHAT???? no more size???


Now do you understand?

So with my inner Arnie shopper in my head I went forth to shop. To be honest I was not totally clueless on what I wanted, I saw this Kimono from Stradivarius from another mommy blogger (Mommy Fleur) and I liked it so much I HAD to have it! (arte!). To keep the story short I was able to get my kimono and I even got a fuchsia shirt and gold necklace to go with it.

All this done in an hour and with precise decision making just like my husband.

Here’s my outfit:


Now if only I can find the perfect shoes…


One Comment on “I shopped like my husband…”

  1. Janice says:

    Looovvve iiitttt! And good job for Arnie-shopping 😉

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