Birthday with a SPLASH!


For Aden’s birthday, we decided to do something special and went on a field trip to Ras Al Khaimah. Ok! To be honest we had coupons for Iceland Water Park that we were suppose to use the weekend before but was not able to. And because his party is not until saturday I felt it would be nice to do something ON the day itself so I asked Arnie if it was possible for him to take a leave from work and for Adrian to skip school on a Thursday. He agreed to this and I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t like Adrian to think that it was ok to ditch school and go to a water park so I didn’t make such a big deal that he was skipping school. Honestly I don’t think he noticed but you know kids can remember everything so I didn’t want to risk him remembering being absent from school because we went to a water park. #spoiledmuch


Weekday on a water park seemed sad, there were no cues, no people to bump into, no kids to tell off to stop jumping on the slides etc etc…I know! I know! If I went on a weekend you’d hear me complaining on and on of the cues and the people. There’s just no way to please me haha. Because it was the beginnings of summer and with a baby to think about we decided to rent a cabana. It was an extra cost but I have to say it was worth it. We had our own room with AC, free towels and free drinks cooling in the fridge plus you can have food delivered to your cabana at no extra cost. Now that I’ve experienced this “treat” I can’t imagine going to a water park not renting one anymore. #At the end of the day as long as the boys enjoyed themselves we have done our jobs right as parents. The birthday boy was happy crawling on the toddler pool and Adrian went on the water slide again and again and again (positive note of going on a weekday)


IMG_1868 IMG_2704IMG_2703IMG_1887IMG_1880

Note to self: next time buy a waterproof camera (I was so scared that I’d drop my phone on the water!)


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