Fresh hot bun from the oven


This little pandesal that looks fresh from the oven is my latest baby boy love . No, I was not secretly pregnant for nine months and suddenly gave birth today. This is my sister Xyn and brother-in-law Alex’ first baby boy! And I am the proud Aunt, there’s something about your sister having a baby that makes you feel he’s one of your own. This is not my first rodeo, I’ve been an aunt before from my cousins and although I love all of them to pieces I know I’m just the aunt, but when it’s your sister’s, younger one at that there’s a feeling of pride. Pride that she did it and pride that he’s out into the world.

His journey coming out of his little oven was already a story that is going down in history. Believe me he will never hear the end of it! Especially from ME! Last night, I was texting with my sister and they have just come home from the Dr. when Xyn’s water broke, now I never had to go through that because I had two scheduled CS delivery with my two boys so naturally I was a panicking freak (good thing she could not see me or else she’d be nervous too!). I told her calmly to go to the hospital like NOW and have herself checked. She did say she was on her way and that calmed me down a bit but then there was a ginormous traffic jam all over metro manila that night because of all the rains and floods so again my heart was racing, it was like an emotional roller coaster ride, there were tears in my eyes praying for God to bring them safely to the hospital. With the help of my prayer soldiers (Mel, Tan, Sheils, Tony, and Cathy)  they finally got there. As soon as they were in the hospital I knew she was safe and that it was only a matter of time.

~Viola! Baby Miguel Alexander Baydo y Isleta was born at 8:15 AM Welcome to the family you little pasaway baby! We love you very much!

Congratulations to the new parents Xyn and Alex.


4 Comments on “Fresh hot bun from the oven”

  1. jam says:

    wow! adventure-filled birthday for baby miguel! 🙂

  2. Chinky says:

    Nice one nix! On our way to see PB (pasaway baby)!

  3. naisip ko sa PB (Pugad Baboy!) haha text me when Miguel is in the room I want to show him to the boys!!!

  4. Xyn says:

    Thanks dear! Medyo na feel ko na nag panic ka na nga for me. Haha! Sorry nalimutan na kita update when I got to the hospital. Thanks also for reaching out to the prayer warriors. Mwah! Love you.

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