Event styling by Dinky C.


Dinky C. is the brains (and beauty) behind Aden’s Circus party. A year ago if you asked me about hiring an event stylist for one of my son’s birthday I’d be like “What for?!” but now that I’ve experienced working with one, I can’t imagine doing another party without her. I once thought that party planning involved the food, the venue, and the guest list but now I’m officially adding event styling to the mix.

Dinky C., (I lovingly call her Ate Dinx) volunteered her services to help me plan Aden’s party and she has been by my side from conception to delivery. I loved working with her, we would bounce ideas with each other (special thanks  to imessage for all the free SMS) and she’d constantly check up on me if I had done my “assignments” which was a good thing because I have a tendency to procrastinate. I have to say she had this party in her head and no one can derail her from her vision. With any talented person, I feel like you just have step back and let them do their magic, you don’t teach a chef how to cook right?

IMG_1905IMG_1906IMG_2774IMG_1934 IMG_1914IMG_1916

She hasn’t been doing this for a long time. She’s discovered a new talent and wants to practice her skills, I on the other hand am a willing guinea pig.  I really hope she pursues this. I will be her no. 1 FAN and walking commercial. I never thought “event styling” was necessary for a party but seeing and experiencing one made me change my mind completely. There’s something about a polished table that tells your guests

I put a lot of love and effort to this party and I hope you enjoy it!”

I really hope she starts to make this as a career and people start to hire her because she really is good at it and genuinely cares for your event.

Thanks again Ate Dinx! I cannot be more grateful.


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