sum·mer (ˈsʌm ər) : a stay at home mom’s busiest time of the year.

This is my first summer as a “school mom” and if I may be really honest – I miss school! I love having Adrian around ALL DAY but really this wish is more for him. He’s so used to being in school where they have different activities within the day that he gets so bored staying at home. Constantly asking me “what’s next mommy?” “what to do next?” “where to go?” At first I was very accomodating to this special need of his, we would pretend we’d go to the library (our bedroom), then to the play area (living room), then we’d have eating time..etc etc but there’s only so much you can do in a one bedroom flat can you? Plus, I have a one year old to take care of who also has some special needs of his own. So between the two and a pile of household chores, I rest my case.

To satisfy this “need to play” of Adrian’s I would take him to different play areas around. I try to limit this as much as I can because even with my buy one take one voucher from The Entertainer, the costs can add up. Yesterday, I brought him to ikea so he can play at småland (for free) but he was so dissapointed that the play area didn’t have a big slide, he had them call me to pick him up before the one hour allowance (boo!).

Next week he starts summer camp with E-Sports and with their 9:00-1:00 schedule it’s like he’s attending school. Arnie thinks it’s too tedious for a four year old to have such a schedule for his summer vacation. But I’d rather he be active with other kids his age than stay home stuck with his iPad all day.

As a child I remember summer as a reason to sleep in and do nothing, but as I look back I could’ve done something with those 2 months, maybe learn to play an instrument or be more active in a sport. When Adrian grows up to be a successful football player or a famous pianist, I hope he looks back on all the summers I made him go to summer camp. And thank me for all his success, a mother can dream right?


kuya being silly! photo bombing Aden


playtime with daddy!



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