Lumpiang Togue

20130712-095434.jpgThere’s something about Ramadan that makes me think of Lent and during Lent because we can’t eat meat we always have Lumpiang Togue (bean sprouts in spring rolls in english?)  so I decided to make my own.

I think because of my OCD and having the need to always clean out the fridge I cook whatever is available to me and make it work. Sometimes I hit the jackpot but sometimes I fail. This is one of my success stories…

Here are my ingredients:

  1. one pack of Togue (we buy them by pack here)
  2. 1 pc onion
  3. 5 cloves of garlic
  4. 1 pack of ginisa mix from Ajinomoto (My fave)
  5. 1/2 Kilo of Shrimps (small ones)
  6. Lumpia wrapper


  1. Saute onions, garlic and shrimp
  2. add togue
  3. I added some soy sauce and Knorr seasoning for taste
  4. let it cook for a while until everything looks cooked
  5. set aside and cool for awhile
  6. wrap with Lumpia wrapper
  7. keep in the fridge until you are ready to cook
  8. fry and serve (best served warm)

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