When I was pregnant with Adrian, my first born. My doctor was concerned about having a baby with Down Syndrome. Aside from my age it is also very common here in the Middle East because of the mix marriages that are common in these parts doctors here always make sure to test for this. My Arabic doctor suggested I take a amniocentesis. It’s a medical procedure where they take a small amount of amniotic fluid from the surroundings of the fetus and then it is examined for genetic disorders.

I was not sure about this procedure so I went to another OBGYN for a second opinion. My German doctor informed me of the risk of hurting the fetus then he asked me how important it was for me to find out if the baby had down syndrome. I was surprised about his question and when I couldn’t answer immediately he went ahead and said, “Are you prepared to terminate this pregnancy if the baby had Down Syndrome?” I quickly answered “Of course, not!” so he said why take the test and risk the fetus then. In the end we didn’t take the test and everything was fine.

But during those few weeks where we were waiting for Adrian to develop more so we can see signs via the ultra sound and we weren’t sure about him having the genetic disorder, I’ve accepted the possibilities and promised the fetus that I/we would love the baby no matter what. Ever since then I’ve had a special place in my heart for babies/children with Down Syndrome.

This commercial made me think of my two boys IF Adrian did have Down Syndrome. But even without the genetic disorder, I would love it if they grew up taking care of each other just like the two brothers in the commercial.


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