Modesh World


Modesh in a Golf cart saying hi to everyone

Summer here in Dubai is also known to us residents as Dubai Summer Sale but along with that, a familiar character also shows up on posters and billboards all around the city and his name is MODESH.

To keep the kids happy (not just the adults with all the shopping) they made Modesh World. From the website Modesh World is:

The largest indoor edutainment venue in the region, Modhesh World’s Summer Camp features a host of themed games, fun activities and allows supervised access to the wonderful world of Modhesh.

On this particular weekend we visited Modesh World after Iftar (Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎ ifṭār “breakfast”), refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. – from wikipedia). Momma’s gotta eat her carnival treats you know!

Visiting the place on a Friday during Ramadan after Iftar I was expecting the place packed with families but the place was surprisingly empty and I loved it!!! Ok, the sponsors may frown upon this but as a mom of two boys with one running all over the place, a big open area is not a bad thing. The place was cool because of the strong AC (and that’s the way I like it). There were no lines to anything and we weren’t bumping in to people because the place was so big. Need I say more? I loved it because it was not crowded (period).





My observation was if we remove Modesh from the picture, the place looked like a big arcade! Husband even compared it to Fiesta Carnival (it’s an indoor theme park back home that was the place of our youth – feeling old!) Everything had a fee but how can you say no when the kids are looking up to you with those big puppy eyes! I was glad when Adrian saw this sandbox with a playground set in it. I bet he would have loved to spend all his time in there if we let him. Btw, this was free.


even Aden joined in on the FUN


Adrian as usual was in 7th heaven. With him expressing himself clearly now it’s such a treat to hear him call out “Look mommy!” or say “That was so much FUN!” I swear I think I only take him to places like these just so I can hear him scream with excitement (That’s what parenting is all about right? haha). Since the place was not full, I let Aden out of his stroller and walk around. He is still in the process of learning how to walk and so he is very slow that’s why I refrain from doing this when we are in a crowded area because I don’t want him to get trampled on but because we had the place all to ourselves he was walking all over the place.

Food wise it was ok, It had the usual carnival fare popcorn, snow cones, corn in a cup, chips in a stick, crepes and more. There was something new that caught my eye “Chocolate Shawarma” but when I was going to try it the attendant was on a break and no one was relieving his place so I just hoped on to the next store to get my gelato from Napoli Ice Cream instead which made Aden very happy.


The place had a petting zoo (with a fee – of course) and rides, arcade games, and carnival games but most of all Adrian loved the big slide, he’s actually in to it a lot lately so we spent a good hour just waiting for him finish his appetite for the thing and even after an hour he was not ready to go.



We thought that after all this FUN, the boys would be tired but when we got home they were back to their hyper selves. Boy oh boy! These kids have a lot of energy! (feeling  old – AGAIN!) But despite of living in the Middle East, during Ramadan, in the middle of summer we have a place that’s kid friendly and cool to visit and enables you to have some FUN with the family.


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