repetto dreams

I’ve been in the hunt for a comfy black ballet flats for some time now. I’ve bought a few before but I always have buyer’s remorse as soon as I wear them because simply put – they HURT!  And with running after the boys and doing my errands I simply can’t afford to wear insensible shoes. I’m so adamant about my comfort that when I find something that I like I really use it over and over ( Just ask my dilapidated FIT FLOPS)


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Introducing Repetto shoes, their shoe store at Dubai Mall caught my attention because of their dainty window display and the big “Part Sale” sign outside. The brand sounds familiar to me but when I checked their prices it was a little on the high-end of my budget so I had to leave and do more research before I go ahead and get myself a pair. After some online research I found that lots of bloggers were raving about this brand (which got me excited). The final nail to the coffin was reading it in my fashion blogger guru Manila Fashion Observer‘s blog, I love her laid back style so much that I “try” to apply her style to mine with my twist of course.

After running some errands with the boys this morning, I brave myself to go to Dubai Mall. Two boys, one mom, no food available (Ramadan), and shopping is a deadly recipe for tantrums. But I was so determined, I went ahead and braced myself. My plan for action was to satisfy the boys first, I took them to Hamley’s toy store and gave them time to go around and play. As we left the toy store with NO purchases (mind you) I told my eldest that it was time for mommy to look at something and he agreed to this. While at Repetto I just set them on the couch with the iPad and I was ready to go. They were well-behaved as I was looking, choosing, fitting and paying that it made my shoe buying experience all the more sweeter. (Phew!) (#kayangkayakahitwalangyaya)

This was my choice, a wedge heeled ballerina aka NORMA in Glazed calfskin and Goatskin suede. I know I said I wanted flats but I thought for the price might as well go a little more than the norm. The lovely and accommodating sales rep taught me that if the suede gets too loose in time (like they normally do) all I had to do was untie the bow and pull to tighten the shoe (my thought bubble: “what! the bow is not just for show?“) I’ve used the wrong ballet shoes all these years! These are the true deal!

20130728-190254.jpgI wore them out of the store and I have to say they were so soft and comfy even when I got home I didn’t realize I was still wearing them while I was doing my chores. That’s how much my feet loved them.

Hello Repetto! It was nice to finally meet you and I’m sure your “NORMA” shoe is not my last.*

Love, my tired big feet

*subject to approval of the budget from hubby


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