Hunting for Cronuts in Dubai

Yesterday, we were on a mission: TO FIND CRONUTS IN DUBAI.


Photo from Dominique Ansel’s Cronut 101

Cronuts have filled up my social network lately. Naturally this roused our curiosity about this mysterious sweet. With Manila getting a whiff of chef Dominique Ansel’s popular pastry from New York. My sister, cousin and brother-in-law in Manila just can’t get enough of the stuff. Apparently in Manila, even Dunkin’ Donuts has its own version (that’s how relevant it is there). But here in Dubai, it hasn’t gone loco just yet.


A Cronut is a marriage between a donut and a croissant. Sounds good? or sounds eiiiew? you be the judge.

Upon careful research from hubby Arnie, he found two stores serving up the elusive cronuts here in Dubai. One was Mellow Yellow at Uptown Mirdiff and Maple Leaf at Jumeirah Beach Road.

Because Maple Leaf was closer we decided to try it there. We assumed that Maple Leaf was a bakery, so we decided to have dinner at home and have cronuts for dessert at Maple Leaf. We were surprised to find out that it was a restaurant (Maple Leaf of the Canadian national symbol). Their interior was going for a bar type atmosphere probably normal interior for pubs/deli in Montreal, (but since we’ve never been there…) and it would’ve been a perfect spot to grab a beer, if only it was allowed. Their menu was mostly sandwiches, (which I looooove) it was so tempting we had to order one just to try it (since we were there) we asked the attendant and she recommended their signature sandwich, the Maple Leaf. Of course we had to order the Kronut since that was what we came for (that’s how they spelled it with a “K”).


The Maple Leaf Sandwich


Fresh Lemonade – it was good! The boys loved it (hope it was really fresh)


They served other types of fries variation but with the boys of course it had to be plain ol’ fried


The Kronut.

After having our sandwich it was almost 9PM and pass the kids bedtime. As a result of this they were acting up in the restaurant and we couldn’t wait for our Kronut anymore, we had it to go. I ate the Kronut in the car on the way home and I must say it did not reach my expectation but the sandwich we had at the restaurant was … soooooooo gooooood! I may not return to Maple Leaf for the Kronut but I’m definitely coming back for their sandwiches!

Arnie loved the sandwich sooo much he even commented that we could live in Montreal if all their sandwiches was as good as this one. If you are in the area and want to try something new, pass by the Maple Leaf and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Here’s a picture of their logo with their address and a copy of the menu


photo from their website


MENU (click on image to enlarge)


The interior of the restaurant, cozy but when the kids start screaming, other patrons could get distracted.


The exterior, make sure to open your eyes or else you might miss it as you pass by.

Before I go, I must show you the inspiration for this Cronut hunt, these are pictures of the Cronut Craze in Manila: (thank you to my contributors:  Xyn and Chinky)


The first bakery to offer Cronuts in Manila, WILDFLOUR. The line of people makes me think that they are doing something right.


Dunkin’ Donut Cronuts at P75 each

update on this post: 18 December 2013

I’ve noticed that this post has been very popular lately. So it doesn’t seem fair to me that you don’t get much info on where to get Cronuts in Dubai.

Most recently I’ve seen that Park and Shop at Al Wasl Road has offered their own version of Cronuts. I’ve tried it and although I have not tasted the original, it was good – it tasted like a cross between a croissant and donut – which what it was meant to be right?




10 March 2014

I know how it feels like to search the web and read the whole blog post and not get anything from it so in my continuous search for the Cronut in Dubai I found this website   according to this post by Ken Surat their Cronuts are “at par to the original one”  I myself have not tasted it, I will order some as soon as I loose all my baby weight. haha (what a joke right?) Anyway, I hope this helps you with your hunt.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


Walk like a MAN – a late post


My Aden has started walking!!! (28 Aug 2013)

He’s been crawling for the longest time that when he stood up and took his first steps I was shrieking with joy! (of course I forgot to take a video) He is able to prop himself up and maybe take a step but he always falls flat on his face, hence the house is full of rubber mats to prevent himself from hitting his face. But on 28 August 2013, he took two steps, then 3, 4 it happened so fast!!! Today he can walk through the house, still not so sturdy but he’s practicing and testing his limits more and more!

Way to go Aden! We are so proud of you!

Even Arnie got all sentimental whispering to Aden’s ear

Aden ang laki mo na! di ka na baby!”

in translation:  Aden, you are growing up, you are not a baby anymore!

ABM Care

Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?

this recently applied to me when I lost my laptop. Don’t panic I didn’t loose it permanently we just had it fixed at the service center two weeks ago.

My laptop was acting weird every time I was moving the pointer with my finger at the track pad it would automatically highlight the whole area. At first I thought I must be doing something wrong but when I checked the internet I was surprised to find out that this was a common problem for MACS. With this new-found information in mind, I didn’t hesitate to bring it to an authorized service center (I did wish the problem revealed itself a few months before when it was still under warranty – can’t win them all)

Now I have my laptop back and it’s working like brand new. I’m so happy that I thought to share this piece of informationJust in case somebody is having the same problem with their MACS and happens to stumble upon my post.

The service center details are:

ABM Care (Apple Authorised Service Provider) 

Thuraya Tower, Shop 7 & 8, TECOM Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 457 4700 /
Sunday to Wednesday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday & Thursday: 11am to 8pm
*According to the staff, it could get busy on a weekend so if you don’t have time to wait I suggest you come on a weekday.

Adrian: I am four!

1093864_10151525524927307_1873625724_o copy

Adrian turns Four today! We did not throw him a party this year but we planned a weekend for him that we think he would enjoy. We celebrated his birthday the weekend before until his actual birthday which was a total of 4 days. Four days of spoiling Adrian.

Our plan was to bring the boys to Ferrari World and stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at YAS Island. We were all set to go but on Thursday Arnie wasn’t feeling well, so taking the boys to Ferrari World seemed to taxing for him, thinking of a low-key activity, we decided to take the boys to a movie. We watched Despicable Me 2 and I was happy that Adrian didn’t seem to mind the cancelled trip to Ferrari World. After the movie we went straight to YAS Island to check in at the hotel for some R&R (whatever that means with two kids in tow).


In my efforts to make him feel special that weekend, I brought some gifts to the hotel with us and hid them around the room while he was sleeping, so when he woke up, we told him his presents were hiding and he had to look for it! It was so much fun watching Adrian go on his treasure hunt. He even wanted to look for all his presents before he opened them all up and started playing for his loooong time overdue presents.

must explain: @2 years old Adrian had a party in Manila where he got some presents that were not “age appropriate” for him at that time (judged by the mother – me!) so i brought them with me here in Dubai and waited till the time was right.

He is soooo much into Toy Story lately that all his presents were in that theme.


opening his presents at the hotel


on our way home from Abu Dhabi

Today because it’s his actual birthday, we ordered a Toy Story cake from Park and Shop (Sponsored by ninang Xyn – Thank You!)


We planned ahead to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, keeping the cake in mind, I emailed their establishment to ask if it was allowed for me to bring my cake, they replied promptly and told me that although the cake was welcome, they would have to charge 30 aed as corkage fee. Not willing to pay for corkage and order onion rings instead (priorities) I decided to leave the cake at home and just have it at home for dessert. I did ask the staff of HRC to sing a birthday song for Adrian and he enjoyed the extra extra extra attention it brought.

After dinner we promised Adrian a trip to Toys R us to give him free range on what toy he wanted to get for himself. And boy! It took him awhile to decide! It was so funny to watch him go through all the toys with matching comments like

“wow mommy look at that!”

“This is nice!”

“Mommy, mommy look! There is sound”

It was so precious watching him at the toy store that I wish I could bottle up that moment and keep it forever. (This blog helps in keeping those moments locked up … and shared-of course!)

After Toys R us he was more than excited to go home and start playing with his new toys.


He insisted to open his Play-Doh first before we start to eat the cake.


His last but not the least surprise present! Thank you ninang Janice!


All in all his 4 day birthday celebration was to quote Adrian directly “So much fun!”. We may not have given him the same birthday party that Aden had last June but it was as special nevertheless.

Happy birthday my sweet sweet boy! Don’t grow up too fast mommy still needs to catch up! I love you!

Some sweet messages from family:


Special greeting from Ate Erin


another sweet message from Ate Julia


My side of the woods had a dinner for my cousin Tan and family and decided to add us to the festivities by singing a happy birthday song to Adrian via FaceTime.




a DIY Wedding


click image to enlarge

Oooops! She did it again!

My friend Dinky C. who helped me style Aden’s party did it again! She used her magic and made a simple budget wedding look stylish with her DIY event styling. It really takes a good eye and talent to do what she does because although these DIY projects are available online and “anyone can do it” to put them together and make it look good is another level on it’s own, NOT everyone can do what she does. Check out these photos from her cousin’s wedding at the Metropolitan Hotel last weekend.


Ate Dinx risking breaking her leg to get the event looking just right


the stage where the presidential table will be set




more dramatic effect with candles


attention to detail


The main entrance adorned with paper flowers


more paper flowers on the guest’s chairs (take note: EACH chair gets their own!)


the table set up


The centerpiece made with twigs and more paper flowers with hanging beads and candles


The Wish Tree: where guests leave their well wishes and advice for the bride and groom by hanging them on the ribbons hanging from the branches of the tree.


view of the ballroom from the stage


I really love the effect that these POMPOMS give


ballroom picture during the event, the dim lighting gives the place a cozy feel

previous post related to ate Dinx are:

Bela’s 2two party

Event Styling by Dinky C.

*all pictures were stolen(with permission) from Dinky C.’s FB page. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Planning is everything


mass of people by the entrance as we were on our way out

I don’t know what was in the water yesterday but it seemed that everybody was possessed to go to Dubai Mall. The place is known as one of the world’s biggest shopping mall and it felt like the whole world was there yesterday (I exaggerate – for drama effect). As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a long queue leading to the parking lot, if they are known for being one of the world’s biggest shopping mall their parking is a whole new dimension, you can get lost inside it for days! (i exaggerate again). We have our own favorite parking area and that always seems to have a lot available for us and this trip was no different as we turned the corner – viola! a parking spot only for us (I secretly smiled and thanked my shopping gods).

Keeping in mind that plans can/may not go as you expect them to be I made sure my plan for this trip was going to be executed to the tee. My first call to action was to feed the boys (including Arnie) Adrian wanted Mcdonalds and I wasn’t going to argue just so he doesn’t get wound up and start phase one of his tantrum cycle (which seems to be happening alot lately). The fast food was packed with people, loosing hope and ready to turn in the towel – viola! a table for us. After dinner, we proceeded to what we were suppose to do…shop for school stuff that Adrian needs for September.

I know it’s only mid August but if you know me well and some of you do, I like to plan things ahead and I do mean AHEAD! I live on schedules and I like them being executed as planned – Arnie is so different from me that I think one reason we were put together was because he needed some structure and I needed to be more relax. But even with his relaxed influence I’m still a slave to my schedules so much that even my vacation was scheduled – how many days to spend on my husband’s side, how many days on my side, when to see my friends, when to see his friends…I was so concentrated on my schedules that my husband had to remind me that we were on vacation.

Moving on, it was a good thing we shopped today because as we went ahead to buy Adrian’s shoes and bags I was spoilt of choices and sizes to choose from. A little history: Last year we came back from vacation the weekend before school started and so I had a day to buy everything and it seemed that everybody was doing the same, so instead of choosing from different styles, I was asking/begging for any black and white shoes available in Adrian’s size. As for the school bag, the one bag I had my eye on for Adrian since he was in my tummy (that’s how far ahead I plan – kidding! half-meant hehe) was OUT OF STOCK! Imagine how devastated I was – I know drama right?! please spare me this joy I am but a lonely housewife – more drama!


Happy ending, I got everything I intended to amidst all the trials of Aden being too clingy (what’s new), maneuvering through all the foot traffic from the mall, Adrian (that’s all i’m gonna say-yes! aside from my plan to feed him to keep him happy – he wasn’t – c’est la vie!). His stuff is almost complete, just need to buy his uniforms from school and I still need to get him a water bottle, hopefully I get to that by this week.


Hanging out with Reese!
This picture is for my cousin Jamie, who loves Reese’s to pieces! hehe

Lesson of the day folks: It’s good to plan! Granted not so far ahead as I do (might see someone for that-psychiatrist maybe?) but plan it nevertheless.


#fotd Mexican Pizza from Barry’s Bench
If some bloggers have #ootd (outfit of the day) I will start my #fotd (food of the day) hehe What can I say? I love food and I can’t help it! No judgement please!!!

We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!


my ice cream monsters

I come from a family of self-proclaimed ice cram addicts. Whether it be an addiction for gelato, yogurt, popsicle or sorbet name it and one way or another me and my cousins are sure to love it! It was my destiny to marry someone who loves ice cream too (it was actually a requirement – kidding!). Naturally our children are addicted to the stuff too.



When the Korean ice cream craze started in Manila I was there on holiday so I got to share the joy of MELONA and MOCHI with my family.


Even Kris Aquino swears by their MOCHI

Months after I got back, I was looking for a store here to get my supply and with sheer determination I found 1004 mart, I’m not sure but I think it’s the only Korean grocery in Dubai. I tagged their website but it’s in Korean so unless you can read Korean… go ahead. But they do have a facebook page click here. They don’t only sell Korean ice cream they have all sorts of Asian ingredients you will not easily find at our local groceries here in Dubai.


On my last trip I experimented on some frozen assorted fish cakes which I cannot wait to try out. There are suggested recipes at the back so when I’m feeling up to it, I will try it out and tell you all about it.

Here’s a map I got from their FB page, in case you would like to visit.