Hello Dubai!

Living in Dubai and far from our family, Our world rarely gets disturbed. But when Cebu Pacific started offering low fares to Dubai that may be used during the kids’ summer vacation, suddenly we have a Buenaventura reunion Dubai version coming up.


My husband’s brother and sister plus family are coming over ALL at the same time on May 2014 (#Cananyonesayriot?). What I’m looking forward to the most is the kids coming over. We have 2 nephews and 3 nieces and I’m excited not only because it’s a nice opportunity for them to see and learn a new culture, something totally different from our own and nothing similar to the American culture which is very much known and adopted by Filipino children because of cable channels, books and magazine.

My nephews and nieces are between the ages of 12- 4 which I think are the perfect age to travel because they will definitely remember everything and will absorb all the things they will learn from traveling to the UAE.

Things I am most excited for are:

  1. Going on a Desert Safari
  2. Visiting a Water Park (Adrian will surely be over the moon about this)
  3. Going to the top of Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world)
  4. Watching the fountain at Dubai Mall
  5. Visiting the World’s biggest indoor aquarium at Dubai Mall (which my sisters can sneak a few hours of shopping – tsk! tsk!)
  6. Eating Camel burgers
  7. Taking them on a Abra ride (hope nobody falls off)
  8. Museums (if the parents will be up to it)
  9. Going to a park to just relax and enjoy the outdoors (something I think is lacking in Manila)
  10. Visiting a Mosque (I’m going to research more on how/when we can visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi)

Off course I’m also excited to bring my sisters – in – law to Ikea (but I do know it will open soon in Manila). Cheesecake Factory and Magnolia Bakery are not far on my list too. For my brothers there’s Shake Shack and Ferrari World to look forward to.

I guess the main thing that I’m looking forward to is the time that my boys and I can spend time with family in our own environment and not in a Manila setting.

As soon as I heard the news my brain has been non stop thinking about our logistics and sleeping arrangements but as my husband ever so coolly say – It’s all gonna turn out well.

With those words I bid you goodnight (although if you must know I will still be thinking about this way after I publish this post and log off).


2 Comments on “Hello Dubai!”

  1. jam says:

    we’re next in line for a Dubai vacation!! 🙂

  2. @jam dare i say gregorio reunion in Dubai?

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