Saved by the Belles

Sometimes good conversation with good food is all you need for a pick me up. I’ve wrapped myself with housework and the boys’ daily activities lately that I didn’t realize how much I needed a night with my girls


L-R Carina, Sharon and Me

Of course our evening still had to be kid – friendly so our main activity and/or excuse is a “playdate” for Sara and Adrian but with Sara (Sharon’s girl) and Adrian being of the same age they entertained themselves instantly while Aden was happy to watch them play or be entertained by Arnie while us girls gossiped and gobbled on Carina’s yummy Buko Pandan and home made Kutsinta (Filipino Delicacies).


Cynthia, my dear dear friend put our group together. She can read people well and knows how to put people together. She’s so good that even now that she’s been living in Bahrain for about 5 years the group she put together is still intact. Granted we don’t see each other or talk to each other everyday but when we do get together its like no time has passed from the last time we saw each other. Our lives are so different that there’s always a diversity of topics and experiences to share.

Sharon was a schoolmate of mine in college, We are both Dentists that don’t do Dentistry anymore. Her with an office 9-5 job and me a full-time homemaker. But now we are classmates in this mommy journey. She likes to tell people she learns more from me but I think I learn a lot from her too. She has so many original ideas in her head that we could make a book out of it and I guarantee you it will be a good read. We have different styles with housekeeping and child rearing but our most common goal is to bring up our children with a strong faith in God and to be good people when they grow up.

Carina, has always been the “mommy” of the group. She’s the only one that’s still practicing Dentistry too! She seems to know and be good at anything! She can sew, she can bake, she can cook, very organized with the house, and trains her man well too😉(inside joke) but as I was beginning to think she can do anything we discovered her Achilles heel last night and that’s washing the dishes which is the one chore she hates the most. (NIce to know we all have our weak spots!)

Most importantly our evening wouldn’t be complete without the food and this is what we had…


I ordered Pansit Palabok and Chicken from O’Porto which turned out to be good (the Palabok especially)


Red Velvet cupcakes from Waitrose


generous and caring Carina made sure we had Buko Pandan for each of us to take home


Adrian waiting and excited for the playdate.

All in all our evening was just what the Dr. ordered and I thank my girlies for always being there.


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