a DIY Wedding


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Oooops! She did it again!

My friend Dinky C. who helped me style Aden’s party did it again! She used her magic and made a simple budget wedding look stylish with her DIY event styling. It really takes a good eye and talent to do what she does because although these DIY projects are available online and “anyone can do it” to put them together and make it look good is another level on it’s own, NOT everyone can do what she does. Check out these photos from her cousin’s wedding at the Metropolitan Hotel last weekend.


Ate Dinx risking breaking her leg to get the event looking just right


the stage where the presidential table will be set




more dramatic effect with candles


attention to detail


The main entrance adorned with paper flowers


more paper flowers on the guest’s chairs (take note: EACH chair gets their own!)


the table set up


The centerpiece made with twigs and more paper flowers with hanging beads and candles


The Wish Tree: where guests leave their well wishes and advice for the bride and groom by hanging them on the ribbons hanging from the branches of the tree.


view of the ballroom from the stage


I really love the effect that these POMPOMS give


ballroom picture during the event, the dim lighting gives the place a cozy feel

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*all pictures were stolen(with permission) from Dinky C.’s FB page. Thanks for allowing me to share.


One Comment on “a DIY Wedding”

  1. Janice says:

    Please tell your friend i love the pics (this and Aden’s party and the 2two party) and that I think she’s super talented and creative 😊 I’m a fan!

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