Adrian: I am four!

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Adrian turns Four today! We did not throw him a party this year but we planned a weekend for him that we think he would enjoy. We celebrated his birthday the weekend before until his actual birthday which was a total of 4 days. Four days of spoiling Adrian.

Our plan was to bring the boys to Ferrari World and stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at YAS Island. We were all set to go but on Thursday Arnie wasn’t feeling well, so taking the boys to Ferrari World seemed to taxing for him, thinking of a low-key activity, we decided to take the boys to a movie. We watched Despicable Me 2 and I was happy that Adrian didn’t seem to mind the cancelled trip to Ferrari World. After the movie we went straight to YAS Island to check in at the hotel for some R&R (whatever that means with two kids in tow).


In my efforts to make him feel special that weekend, I brought some gifts to the hotel with us and hid them around the room while he was sleeping, so when he woke up, we told him his presents were hiding and he had to look for it! It was so much fun watching Adrian go on his treasure hunt. He even wanted to look for all his presents before he opened them all up and started playing for his loooong time overdue presents.

must explain: @2 years old Adrian had a party in Manila where he got some presents that were not “age appropriate” for him at that time (judged by the mother – me!) so i brought them with me here in Dubai and waited till the time was right.

He is soooo much into Toy Story lately that all his presents were in that theme.


opening his presents at the hotel


on our way home from Abu Dhabi

Today because it’s his actual birthday, we ordered a Toy Story cake from Park and Shop (Sponsored by ninang Xyn – Thank You!)


We planned ahead to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, keeping the cake in mind, I emailed their establishment to ask if it was allowed for me to bring my cake, they replied promptly and told me that although the cake was welcome, they would have to charge 30 aed as corkage fee. Not willing to pay for corkage and order onion rings instead (priorities) I decided to leave the cake at home and just have it at home for dessert. I did ask the staff of HRC to sing a birthday song for Adrian and he enjoyed the extra extra extra attention it brought.

After dinner we promised Adrian a trip to Toys R us to give him free range on what toy he wanted to get for himself. And boy! It took him awhile to decide! It was so funny to watch him go through all the toys with matching comments like

“wow mommy look at that!”

“This is nice!”

“Mommy, mommy look! There is sound”

It was so precious watching him at the toy store that I wish I could bottle up that moment and keep it forever. (This blog helps in keeping those moments locked up … and shared-of course!)

After Toys R us he was more than excited to go home and start playing with his new toys.


He insisted to open his Play-Doh first before we start to eat the cake.


His last but not the least surprise present! Thank you ninang Janice!


All in all his 4 day birthday celebration was to quote Adrian directly “So much fun!”. We may not have given him the same birthday party that Aden had last June but it was as special nevertheless.

Happy birthday my sweet sweet boy! Don’t grow up too fast mommy still needs to catch up! I love you!

Some sweet messages from family:


Special greeting from Ate Erin


another sweet message from Ate Julia


My side of the woods had a dinner for my cousin Tan and family and decided to add us to the festivities by singing a happy birthday song to Adrian via FaceTime.





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