Walk like a MAN – a late post


My Aden has started walking!!! (28 Aug 2013)

He’s been crawling for the longest time that when he stood up and took his first steps I was shrieking with joy! (of course I forgot to take a video) He is able to prop himself up and maybe take a step but he always falls flat on his face, hence the house is full of rubber mats to prevent himself from hitting his face. But on 28 August 2013, he took two steps, then 3, 4 it happened so fast!!! Today he can walk through the house, still not so sturdy but he’s practicing and testing his limits more and more!

Way to go Aden! We are so proud of you!

Even Arnie got all sentimental whispering to Aden’s ear

Aden ang laki mo na! di ka na baby!”

in translation:  Aden, you are growing up, you are not a baby anymore!


3 Comments on “Walk like a MAN – a late post”

  1. jam says:

    wow!!! good job Aden!!! 🙂

  2. Janice says:

    Di na masyadong baby! Time for.. a sister?? Hahaha

    • waaah! baby girl cousin nalang! haha

      Thank you Tita Jam! he’s starting to be an expert now, when we are at the mall, when he sees a toy store he walks to that direction all by himself – much like me when i see a “SALE” sign! haha

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