Hunting for Cronuts in Dubai

Yesterday, we were on a mission: TO FIND CRONUTS IN DUBAI.


Photo from Dominique Ansel’s Cronut 101

Cronuts have filled up my social network lately. Naturally this roused our curiosity about this mysterious sweet. With Manila getting a whiff of chef Dominique Ansel’s popular pastry from New York. My sister, cousin and brother-in-law in Manila just can’t get enough of the stuff. Apparently in Manila, even Dunkin’ Donuts has its own version (that’s how relevant it is there). But here in Dubai, it hasn’t gone loco just yet.


A Cronut is a marriage between a donut and a croissant. Sounds good? or sounds eiiiew? you be the judge.

Upon careful research from hubby Arnie, he found two stores serving up the elusive cronuts here in Dubai. One was Mellow Yellow at Uptown Mirdiff and Maple Leaf at Jumeirah Beach Road.

Because Maple Leaf was closer we decided to try it there. We assumed that Maple Leaf was a bakery, so we decided to have dinner at home and have cronuts for dessert at Maple Leaf. We were surprised to find out that it was a restaurant (Maple Leaf of the Canadian national symbol). Their interior was going for a bar type atmosphere probably normal interior for pubs/deli in Montreal, (but since we’ve never been there…) and it would’ve been a perfect spot to grab a beer, if only it was allowed. Their menu was mostly sandwiches, (which I looooove) it was so tempting we had to order one just to try it (since we were there) we asked the attendant and she recommended their signature sandwich, the Maple Leaf. Of course we had to order the Kronut since that was what we came for (that’s how they spelled it with a “K”).


The Maple Leaf Sandwich


Fresh Lemonade – it was good! The boys loved it (hope it was really fresh)


They served other types of fries variation but with the boys of course it had to be plain ol’ fried


The Kronut.

After having our sandwich it was almost 9PM and pass the kids bedtime. As a result of this they were acting up in the restaurant and we couldn’t wait for our Kronut anymore, we had it to go. I ate the Kronut in the car on the way home and I must say it did not reach my expectation but the sandwich we had at the restaurant was … soooooooo gooooood! I may not return to Maple Leaf for the Kronut but I’m definitely coming back for their sandwiches!

Arnie loved the sandwich sooo much he even commented that we could live in Montreal if all their sandwiches was as good as this one. If you are in the area and want to try something new, pass by the Maple Leaf and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Here’s a picture of their logo with their address and a copy of the menu


photo from their website


MENU (click on image to enlarge)


The interior of the restaurant, cozy but when the kids start screaming, other patrons could get distracted.


The exterior, make sure to open your eyes or else you might miss it as you pass by.

Before I go, I must show you the inspiration for this Cronut hunt, these are pictures of the Cronut Craze in Manila: (thank you to my contributors:  Xyn and Chinky)


The first bakery to offer Cronuts in Manila, WILDFLOUR. The line of people makes me think that they are doing something right.


Dunkin’ Donut Cronuts at P75 each

update on this post: 18 December 2013

I’ve noticed that this post has been very popular lately. So it doesn’t seem fair to me that you don’t get much info on where to get Cronuts in Dubai.

Most recently I’ve seen that Park and Shop at Al Wasl Road has offered their own version of Cronuts. I’ve tried it and although I have not tasted the original, it was good – it tasted like a cross between a croissant and donut – which what it was meant to be right?




10 March 2014

I know how it feels like to search the web and read the whole blog post and not get anything from it so in my continuous search for the Cronut in Dubai I found this website   according to this post by Ken Surat their Cronuts are “at par to the original one”  I myself have not tasted it, I will order some as soon as I loose all my baby weight. haha (what a joke right?) Anyway, I hope this helps you with your hunt.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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