A penny saved is a penny earned


In Arnie’s attempt to teach Adrian the value of a dollar, or in our case a dirham he gave Adrian a coin bank and told Adrian that if he saved his coins he can buy any toy he wanted on his birthday. The prospect of buying any toy he wanted excited Adrian to no end that his eyes light up every time we give him a coin for his coin bank. He was so much into saving his coins he even got a coin bank for Aden and was teaching his little brother to save his coins to buy toys too. Which the little one was more interested in putting the coins in his mouth and not putting it in the can haaaaay!.

On his birthday we opened his coin bank and counted his money. He was so excited he even exclaimed that he can buy Toys R Us with our simple savings (ahhhh the innocence of youth).

In the end he got a marble toy and a Play doh fun factory. After the festivities of his birthday Arnie got Adrian to start saving for Christmas too. I hope that this simple exercise could start Adrian to appreciate the value of saving.


all ready for Toys R Us




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