Happy Birthday Juma!


This unique and handsome little boy is 5 years old now and it still feels like it was only yesterday when he was still in his mother’s womb. I remember this very fondly because this was also about the same time that Arnie and I decided that maybe it was time to start our own family too.


Juma is 1/2 Iranian and 1/2 Filipino. He’s so used to being around people much much older than him that he is wise beyond his years. I could probably talk to him for hours and it would still make more sense than talking with someone my age or maybe even a conversation with myself!


with ninang Riz (ninang Jing is camera shy)


He’s a very lucky boy who have lots of people who love and adore him, among them are his parents (of course), relatives here in Dubai and most especially his two pretty ninangs, Jing and Riz. They are almost like his second parents and love him just as much, like I said LUCKY BOY.


Happy Birthday dear Juma! May all your wishes and desires come true.

The party yesterday was also in celebration of his mom, Rochelle. I think having Juma for a son is the greatest gift she can ever receive. I’m at awe at how she manages working and raising him at the same time. She has extra help from family but the way Juma adores his mom shows me that she is still no. 1 in his world. Happy Birthday Uting! All the best in love and in life. Thank you for inviting us and letting us celebrate with you.


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