aLa Annie mini catering


Can I ever write a party post and not gush about the FOOD???? Of course NOT! But because I know who catered the party personally I wanted to give her, her own tribute post. Annie of aLa Annie mini catering is a sweet sweet girl with always a smile on her face.


Annie with birthday boy Juma and Lawrence

When I heard that she started helping out friend’s parties with her gift of cooking, I was genuinely impressed and happy for her. I have great respect for people who aspire to start doing what they love to do, like cooking or baking. If they earn a little extra on the side then all the better right?

For Juma’s party, She made Caldereta, Kare- Kare and Shrimps for the viands. I personally loved the prawns. I have this stupid rule where I don’t eat with my hands when I’m at a party so when I see prawns I avoid it like the plague but I was glad I didn’t follow this rule for this one. The prawns were sooooo good I think I ate half of the prawns that they served without any shame. The Caldereta was a bit spicy but tasty nonetheless. The Kare – Kare was my husband’s favorite of them all. In fact he loved it so much he was still thinking about it the day after. Aside from the three viands she also supplied a noodle dish and rice. If that is not enough for you to whet your appetite she even made the Leche Flan for dessert which is the perfect consistency that I like, creamy and not too sweet.




Kare – Kare




Prawns – a definite MUST TRY!!!!


The dessert table. Leche Flan from Annie and Buko Pandan from Tita Riz

Annie even supplies the serving dishes (on loan). I asked her details about her services and since she’s a novice in this catering business, she said that anything and everything can be negotiated. Which is a good thing if you are on a budget.

I was so excited for her that I wanted to have an event for her to cater for me. Or I was thinking maybe I could order just viands or dessert, anything really. If you are in search for someone to help out or supply food for your next event please keep my friend Annie in mind and I promise you, she will not disappoint you.

Please give her a call at 050 518 9721 or email her at

*All pictures are borrowed from Jing’s FB page

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  1. anniemagno says:

    thank u so much nicole… loveit…

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