Taking care of me


It’s a cliché to say it, but as a mom my kids and husband’s need always comes first. Sometimes even personal hygiene goes out the door when push comes to shove. But I’ve recently experienced that it is important to take care of me too. For without me, this whole operation that Arnie and I have could and would fall apart.

I had this “scar” on my left cheek ever since I can remember. According to recent discoveries, it’s not technically a scar, but a hyper pigmentation. It hasn’t bothered me much before but a few weeks back my husband noticed that it was getting bigger. Afraid of this “thing” taking over my face I consulted my trusty WEB MD. I found out that this hyper pigmentation or sun spots can/may lead to something serious like Melanoma (skin cancer). With my imagination going on hyper drive and already thinking that this scar could be the end of me (drama I know!) I found myself a dermatologist and booked myself an appointment immediately.

I’ve found Dr. Julian Reuter from BR Medical Suite, if you check the website her credentials do look impressive. Upon consult she did appease me and said that it didn’t look as serious as I thought but the only way we could find out is if we removed it and if it were to come back then that would be the time we would need to take a biopsy. “But for now, don’t worry” were her words of comfort. She also explained that people with my skin color (brown) hyper pigmentation are a normal reaction. Especially when the skin goes through a significant change.

As I looked back about the same time this scar appeared I did a home bleaching regiment that caused my skin to peel and show a new “fresher” layer of skin. The result of that DIY bleaching did give me favorable results but right about the same time or after, this “scar” magically appeared (Do I have enough grounds for a lawsuit? too much Suits episodes I think) (price we pay for being VAIN).

She also said that the only solution was to scrape the layer off and encourage new skin to grow, again because of how my pigments work, doing something chemically could/would result to another hyper pigmentation in another area. Even how barbaric it sounded to scrape it all off,  I booked the procedure nonetheless. The whole procedure only took 10 mins (as she promised).  First, she injected the area with a local anesthetic and  with what looked liked a chisel she immediately started chiseling out that part of my face. It didn’t hurt, I promise! But after the procedure I looked like I got into a fight, my left upper cheek was swollen and the area had a fresh blood clot (you get the picture). She also did say that although she wants the area exposed (for faster healing) it cannot be exposed to the sun, so I simply cover it up with a bandage every time I have to go out (Something my little one cannot resist peeling off). It’s been 5 days now post procedure, the swelling has gone done and it looks like it has healed well. The only mark left is the crusty exterior of a blood clot, you know the one you get when you skinned your knee and the blood dries up and eventually falls off, (a picture could come in handy about now but I don’t want to spoil your day).  It has taken all my might not to peel it out of my face but I do feel positive about the results.

I don’t regret I did it, even though it could cost me something (will explain soon-teaser!). But kidding aside I honestly think that I owe it to my boys to keep myself healthy. If I didn’t do something about it and it turned out something more than just a scar that I could’ve/would’ve/should’ve done something about sooner, I will never forgive myself.

For those interested about Dr. Julian Reuter here’s her clinic add:

BR Medical Suites

4005, Block – B, 4th Floor, Al Razi Building No.64, P.O.Box: 505162, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Tel: +971 4 4392305
Fax: +971 4 4469867
e-mail: info@brmedicalsuites.com


Emergency Contact Number – 0529933270
Landline Number – 044458585


2 Comments on “Taking care of me”

  1. jam says:

    wow! very brave cuz! *hug*
    I’m glad everything is okay now 🙂

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