24 hour days

I am an Obsessive Compulsive Planner. Every morning when I wake up I make an outline of how my day will go. It helps me prepare myself for the day and organize things I have to do. Let’s just say I don’t do well with spontaneity but if things do happen by surprise I’d like to think I handle it with grace. Besides I do have 2 boys and expecting the unexpected is always on my list. Plus I’m married to the most spontaneous person I know (which sometimes drives me CRAZY)

Today, on my birthday I’d like to give you a glimpse of how my day looks like in my head. Call me crazy or call me insane but one thing I am definitely not and that is UNPREPARED.

5:30 Woke up to start preparing for our day (baon, breakfast, etc) but had a pleasant birthday surprise from Arnie and the boys. After a million hugs and kisses to my boys it was time to get Adrian ready for school.

7:30 Off to school

8:00 School Drop Off

8:15 Car wash, I love going to the Car wash don’t ask me why I just do.

9:00 Birthday Mass at St. Francis

10:00 Birthday Brunch *I was planning to have a relaxing long brunch while I wait for Adrian to get out of school but Aden had other plans he fell asleep as soon as he got in his car seat that it was really a no brainer to just go home and let him sleep comfortably in bed.

11:45 On the road again,  I had to leave the house earlier to get gas

12:30 School Pick Up

13:00 Birthday lunch at Fat Burger. I planned a kid friendly lunch so the boys can enjoy and have fun because if the boys are happy there’s a big chance that no one will throw a fit during dinner.

14:30 Home. For the kids to clean up and rest and of course give me time to clean up dirty dishes and start my laundry.

16:30 Arnie is home

18:00 We picked up my cousin at the MRT station

18:30 Da SHi DAi for dinner

20:30 Bring my cousin home

21:00 HOME

That’s how I plan days, everything is scheduled and planned. Some people may think that working without a schedule enables them to be more productive but that’s not me, I function better when I know what I’m suppose to do at a certain time. I guess it’s fair to say that all of us are wired differently, and if we just took the time to understand each other better then maybe we can all get along. I’m just saying.

*This post was inspired by my cousin Janice who asked me the day before what I was doing for my birthday and was surprised to get a blow-by-blow plan of my day. I dedicated this to her because I know that behind all the mockery, she understands and accepts me the most.

3 Comments on “24 hour days”

  1. Janice says:

    Awww! You bet! 😊 Sounds like you had a good day pang!! Mwah

  2. Chinky says:

    Well it would not have been a Nicole day without a plan! Mishu!!!

  3. Awww…Thanks guys! Miss you too!

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