KIDS come first!

NoWiFi-223x300I apologize for my absence but I promise you the lesson I will share with you today is worth the wait. Something’s been on my mind these couple of weeks. I guess it started when I saw this picture at a friend’s wall. It is true, with wifi readily available everywhere and 3G costing almost next to nothing it is easy to neglect each other when we are out.

And then as if by chance Lucky Me, a local instant noodle brand from the Philippines comes up with this campaign. Which really hit home.




In my attempt to correct this wrong behaviour, I’ve kept my laptop on the down low and only check my phone once in a while, as oppose to every 5 mins (like I used to). Since I started doing this, the kids seem to be happier during play time and I’ve asked Arnie to do the same so the boys get QT with Daddy too.

I know all this technology is supposed to be good for us but look what it’s doing to our relationships. Maybe we should learn how to balance our time so we still get our internet binge and still pay attention to our kids. That my folks is a lesson we all have to learn.


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