Wake me up when September ends…

Normally, I love September, if I can have it for 365 days I would take it. Needless to say it’s my favorite month of the year. SInce my birthday falls somewhat in the middle, during the first part of the month I’m always excited that I have nightly countdowns until my birthday and after, I’m in such a high from all the love and sometimes gifts (wink wink) I get on my birthday that it lasts for about a week or two. I’m like a kid that way but it’s something I’m not willing to change about myself.

But this year I’ve sat on my hands all month-long  waiting patiently for September to end and October to begin. What’s happening in October you ask? Weeeeeell, Arnie has a business trip to Europe in October and with ALOT of persistent begging to take us along with him, he finally agrees. With a whole month to prepare for all the visa needed. I was hopeful we would finish all these in time. UK visa takes about 15 working days to be approved and delivered and Schengen about 5 days tops. That is if you can get an appointment immediately. According to my calculations if we leave by mid October that was more than enough time for us to get both visas without having to pay for the expedited VIP fees which would amount to about $163 per person (will write more on this next time). Of course for Arnie’s visa it was VIP all the way since the company shouldered his expenses but for us mere mortals we would have to sit and wait for 15 loooooong working days.

Then a curve ball, Arnie’s company wants him in the UK by the 7th of October which means that if our UK visa will only be delivered by the first week of October there was not going enough time for us to get the Schengen. Feeling defeated and sad thinking that the trip for the three of us was cancelled, Arnie suggested that we go with him to the UK and when it’s time for him to move on to the Netherlands, we simply go home to Dubai. Which might also be a blessing in disguise since Adrian will be missing a week from school for our UK trip another 2 weeks in Rotterdam might push it to the edge and end his chances of getting into a good college someday. (hehe)

I was hesitant and scared about traveling alone with the two kids. But Arnie assured me that we could get help from the airport via the MARHABA meet and greet service from the Dubai International Airport where they can meet us by the tube, help us with our luggage and escort us all the way to the taxi stand. At this point my hesitations were at a minimum,  I thought to myself that Arnie wouldn’t suggest this if he didn’t think it was safe or that if I couldn’t do it. Feeling proud that my husband thinks so much of me, I agree to go with him to the UK (take note what just happened there, ako pa pinilit sumama haha).

With September almost to a close, I want to say goodbye to my favorite month and until we meet again my old friend, the next time you see me I would be older and wiser but hopefully more experienced and travelled.

Now it’s almost time to leave and I’ve got so much packing to do.

Cheerio! See you from across the pond! (not accurate because I’m only coming from the mid east hehe)


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