London, sweeter the second time around

Without meaning to sound ungrateful of my first trip, I really enjoyed our trip to London this time around. During our first time 2 years ago, we were so focused on seeing everything in our guide-book that everything started to look blurry and confusing and because we had limited time in the city, there was no time to sit and enjoy the experience that London had to offer.

This time around because there was no pressure to explore, we enjoyed our time doing fun stuff that we think the boys would love.

Legoland was number one on our list and the London zoo was a close second. Because we did these two places one day after the other this allowed us to spend the day at each of these places and not hurry up to go to another place. It was so much fun watching the boys play and point out things they like that really made me feel happy we had this opportunity. Adrian still talks about our trip up to now (one month after).


Because we missed St. Paul’s Cathedral last time, we did this on our third day, when the boys were still so happy from their zoo and Legoland trips that they didn’t notice we were going somewhere “adult friendly”. Big mistake was to go to St. Paul’s on a Sunday because there was no tour available, there was a Sunday mass by 11 (I think) so that was a spiritual experience to another level. Sadly, cameras were not allowed inside the cathedral. The Tate Modern Museum was a bridge walk away from the cathedral and that was nice to do on a Sunday. Our day was pleasant up until Adrian realized that there was nothing to do there but look at art, then he started complaining and it was time to go.


Before we left the UK we stayed one more weekend in London and we visited the Natural History Museum – my advice: go straight to the DINOSAUR exhibit FIRST because the line to enter was CRAZY, then do all the other stuff later. Of course my son enjoyed the BUG exhibit (I’m just saying)


Because we were flying from GATWICK airport (cheaper flights) we decided to move to a hotel across from the airport. Remember we were traveling alone (just the three of us) so we checked in the day before and Arnie flew out for Amsterdam early monday morning to go to work and we stayed behind a bit longer until it was time for us to almost board the plane (#bestdecisionever).  You have two choices at Gatwick, Premier inn and Sofitel, I guess it depends on your budget. But I have to say the Premier inn did not disappoint.


I enjoyed this trip very much because I was with my boys. Adrian was soaking up all the sights that UK had to offer that I hope he will never forget and maybe even share some of his memories to his little bro.







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