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Most people dread moving because they think that it’s stressful. Even though I have to agree that IT IS stressful, I on the other hand don’t dread it, in fact I’m kinda looking forward to it.

In my almost 10 years here in Dubai, I’ve moved a total of 4x and it amazes me how every time I move I noticeably accumulate more and more stuff. A very good analogy to the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated through the years is the type of transportation I’ve used in my moves.

The first time I moved, all my stuff was crammed inside a Toyota Corolla (with room to spare). The second time, we hired a pick up truck to help us haul our things from one place to the other. Next move, a friend offered his truck, which was a GMC Sierra so between that and our trusted Honda Civic, we moved ala bayanihan style. The last move, the one to our current house, I didn’t dare ask my friend this time since it might take about 3 trips because of all my things and since I didn’t want to lose a friend in the process we hired a moving truck (not a big one, a mini one-if that exists). Now while I study the things that I have, it seems that I would have to hire a cargo truck, I exaggerate but not so much (haha).

An Analogy of my growing number of things through our transport system:


So if it isn’t obvious by now, we’ve finally found a place!!!

We started searching seriously as soon as Arnie arrived 10 days ago. Booking agents, discussing rent prices, terms of payments, etc etc. And then last thursday we hit a wall – HARD! Things were not going our way and the flats that were available to us were simply not making me house proud. I asked Arnie if he wanted me to like the last flat we looked at (pa cute) because we were simply out of options and he said that if I didn’t like it then let’s not go for it – simple! And that we didn’t have to move anyway.

I was feeling so low and with nowhere to go but up we thought of just to look at a place at Sky Courts Tower, the rents in this area were exactly in our budget but it wasn’t in our radar because of the long drive we thought we would have to do to get there. But turns out it wasn’t so bad and like everything in life we will just have to learn to ADAPT!

To make my long story short, we paid the reservation fee then and there and will just sit on our hands and wait for the go signal to move in. I wonder how many men and what type of truck will help us this time around…

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