Smiling BKK


I’m excited to share with you this evening’s dinner because as you know by now, I love to eat, but more than this I love to eat THAI FOOD. It’s not actually a new discovery, I’ve heard about this place a lot and long time ago but never really got around to try it. Their original branch is in Satwa near the post office in Al Wasl road. Don’t ask me more details on this because I don’t know. The branch we ate at was at Al Wasl Square opposite Safa Park. I waited for so long (drama) to eat here and tonight there was an opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands (arte!). I was excited and giddy just like how I imagine my boys feel when we say we are going to the toy store! Haha

The interior is for better lack of term eclectic. There’s all sorts of gimmick at the restaurant to make your dining experience memorable but the bottom line is the food  if it ain’t good no one is coming back, right? Husband says he’s had better (in London – yabang!). I, on the other hand loved every bite. I’m happy to eat anything that I don’t cook and even happier when it’s good authentic Thai food. Kids ate a fair amount of food, not as much as I would have liked but enough to fill their little stomachs. Adrian even referred to the Tom Yum as sinigang.

IMG_4201IMG_4204 IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4207

There are more items on the menu than what we ordered tonight but I’m definitely coming back to try MORE!!!


Poh Pia Goong
prawn vegetable and glass noodle spring roll


Tom Yum
Oriental soup flavored with Lemon grass


Pad Thai
need I say more?


After Dinner the weather was nice so we decided to walk around and explore the square more. There are lots of small interesting cafes and  restaurants around, I even found a Japanese bakery that I cannot wait to try. I imagine since the weather is conducive now for outside dining that it would be a nice place to meet up with friends after work. The only downside I can think of was the parking – it’s not free so you have to keep putting coins on the RTA machine for every hour that you sit and dine.

For more info on the restaurants in Al Wasl square I found this website as a guide:


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