Lila Cafe


This hidden gem somewhere at the Tecom area was the venue of a children’s party we recently attended to. I wanted to write and share about it because it was my first time here and I thought the place looked interesting for a party venue. I like how the space is wide and open with high ceilings. With it’s all white walls and contemporary furniture any event would surely be perfect for this place (with the right styling – of course!). More than an event space, it’s a café first and foremost plus they also serve shisha in the evenings at their outdoor space. I’m excited to spend some quiet mornings here once Adrian starts school at Regent, which was only about two blocks away from this space.

As for a kid’s party venue, (which was the reason we were there) I would suggest to get a good entertainer. With all the kids hyped up on sweets and with a big open space it’s a recipe for a chaotic afternoon. Which is what happened to us, the boys were running all over the place going up and down on the WHITE chairs because there was no one to rally them all together and keep them entertained.

The host did share with us that they chose the place because they heard from a friend that they had a  chef/cook that was Filipino. So with that information alone, I was sure the food was going to be to our liking. For parties, they told me you can choose your dishes from a menu and from your choice of dishes dictates the price. So I’m guessing they can cater to any budget you have.

I’m sorry my pictures don’t give the place any justice. But if you are in the hunt for a unique event place in Dubai, I suggest you give Lila Cafe a visit, I hear they have good sandwiches (might be worth a try).

IMG_3412 IMG_3418 IMG_3417 IMG_3420

Lila Cafe:

Ground Floor, MCN Hives Building
Tecom, Dubai, Near Ramee Rose Hotel
PO Box: 454834 Dubai
Telephone: +971 4 454 3064

I’ve attached an article from AHLAN! to give you more information on the café:


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