Discovery Delivery Eats

Food delivery has made my stay at Discovery Gardens easier. When there are times that I am too lazy to cook, it’s comforting to know that dinner (or sometimes lunch) can be made available to me with just one phone call. I’ve narrowed my list down to my/our top five. My boys don’t like fast food much, they are happy with rice and sinigang (something they didn’t get from me!) I on the other hand like to eat unhealthily   (it’s my only bad habit – oh! that and shoes! plus bags! Plus… hahaha) Tonight as we spend our last night in this apartment it’s a bit bittersweet but life goes on and we should certainly carry on.

Before I go, I’d like to leave you with a few of our favorite delivery eats at Discovery Gardens:

1. The Kebab Shop

shop no.1, building 19, zen cluster 3, discovery gardens,
tel: 04 4475457

This is my current favorite place. I call them for a Briyani fix and of course kebab, my latest obsession is what they call the New Yorker. It has briyani rice with chicken and salad on the side and french fries on top.


Photo from Kebab shop website

The french fries I share with the kids, the salad I eat for lunch and the chicken and briyani I eat for dinner. Now if that isn’t a sulit meal, I don’t know what is.

2. Chicken Cottage

PHONE: 04 4405994
 ADDRESS: Street 1 A, Discovery Gardens, Dubai

When I crave for KFC but don’t have enough budget for it, this is my go to place. They started out really good but lately I feel like they’ve used re used oil to fry their chicken (I may be wrong) but their chicken tastes different to me compared to when they started.


Photo from Chicken Cottage website

Another favorite of mine from them is their chicken wraps, combo meal is less than 20 AED and is good enough for a full meal. So when my boys ask for rice and ____ for lunch, I feed them that and I call Chicken Cottage for a wrap! (#bestexampleever) When the kids feel like having nuggets I prefer getting from this place because I can see that they use REAL chicken breast to make their nuggets as oppose to the chicken nuggets from a certain Mc D’s…

3. O’Porto

PHONE: 04 4586465
ADDRESS: 5, Building 13, Zen Cluster, Discovery Gardens, Dubai

Their roast chicken used to be a family fave, that’s before I perfected (naks!) mine! haha But it is still our go to place when I’m too lazy to cook anything. They have Filipino dishes which they can also make in big servings so it’s ideal for potluck dinners or for entertaining at home. I do this when I want to have people over but don’t want to cook. hehe

5. NKD Pizza


They are NOT based in Discovery Gardens but this is our go to for good pizza. Ever since we had this pizza we haven’t ordered anywhere else. Their ingredients are all fresh and their pizzas are not greasy.

There are lots more of delivery food options at Discovery, these are just the ones we call the most. It’s 2:00 AM and looking through all my food pics is making me hungry, I better stop before I stand up and call for pizza! haha


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