Stress moving

This move has proven to be the most stressful task I have faced so far in my 4 years of motherhood. I know I said I loved it but I didn’t count the Adrian + Aden aspect of it all. From packing to moving to unpacking I stubbornly want to do everything myself and sometimes this results to me having a very short fuse when it comes to the boys (Arnie included).

My main problem is control I want to have it ALL THE TIME and when I lose it, like when we moved and the movers came in – I was a wreck! Because the boys were on the mover’s way, my only job for that day was to take the boys away from all the moving activity. This also meant that I cannot be there to supervise things – which drove me crazy!

But after the dust has settled (and cleaned) I’m happy to report that the boys and I are nicely adjusted to our new apartment. So settled in fact that my house seems like a battlefield, the toys are everywhere, clothes I just ironed are on the floor and banana peels can be found in the weirdest places (all thanks to Aden).

For a control freak OC momma like me this drives me off the wall, I lose my temper with whoever is on my way and they become the recipient of my ugly rants (screaming most of the time) this plus 4 days without wi-fi led me to insanity! But a piece of advice coming from my always right husband (I’m only going to say it here folks!) was to take a break and let the kids be kids, it’s their job daw to play – After a strong battle with myself, I gave in…waiving the white flag and accepting defeat (at least for now) I allowed myself to relax.

This morning, I woke up with a new perception in life and I tried to be at peace with the mess. After breakfast we even  played a good round of hide and seek. The house was full of laughter that I thought to myself these are the memories I would like my boys to have and not a moody mom who screams all the time.

To be honest, it’s NOT EASY! But when I’m not thinking about chores all day the atmosphere in our house is calmer. The kids are playing well and I seem to be at peace with the world. Shouting never really did fix anything and just almost always led to tears.

I know that there needs to be a form of discipline and authority so the kids will not overstep their boundaries but shouting all the time may not be the way to go. Let’s wait and see, I’m no expert in this parenting thing and I’m still learning as I go.

God help us all!


As if the universe is trying to help me cope with my stress I found this on FB today


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