A visit to Santa’s grotto

20131207-233854.jpgThis afternoon we went to the Dubai Christmas Festival at Media City to go visit Santa’s Grotto. We had such a pleasant experience last year that there was no way we were going to skip this one. Last year the lines were orderly with lots of freebies to keep us busy while we wait. This year was a different story.

The festival itself seemed the same as last years, the stores, the food, the entertainment all had the same feel. There even seemed to be more people this time around so kudos to the organizers. But the grotto which was the reason we came was a big disappointment.

They decided that for this year a visit to Santa’s Grotto will be scheduled so when you buy your ticket online (as we did) you would also have to book a time when you want to see Santa. Ok that seemed fair and easy right? Eeeeee! WRONG! As soon as we got there and I saw the line the advance planner in me immediately thought that if our time was at 5:45, and it is now 5:10 by the time we get to the front of the line it would be exactly my time, right? So fall in line we did,it seemed the right thing to do (to me) apparently for Arnie he was thinking because it was scheduled he was not gonna fall in line and just show up in front by 5:45 but because I said so he followed my lead (good boy!).

photo 1The line was going well, as I could see from where we were people were being brought in as orderly as possible, following and respecting the line.

Until it was our turn next and this elf (yes she was dressed and looked liked an elf) started calling out tickets by their timings! So of course because I planned ahead my ticket was 5 mins early so like a well-behaved and well-mannered person I gave in. Letting people from behind me that had 5:30 tickets go first. And then there was suddenly a surge of people rushing in! They had 5:15, 5:05, etc etc all demanding to go in first! So normally my panic self got all wired up, in my head I was thinking “I was here first and I want to see Santa NOW!!!

At exactly 5:45 I raised my ticket and called the elf’s attention. She said I had to wait because there were still people with tickets before me – fine! I complied to this simple request. And then, this family who didn’t fall in line at all went ahead of me and said she had 5:45 and the elf let them in. OMG! It was WW3! It wasn’t fair and I wasn’t going to stand for it! I told her again that I was in line early because I wanted to be at the front in time for my slot and when it was still too early for me I stepped to the side and now someone who never fell in line was already inside before me. She looked at her watch and said it’s only 5:48 we are only 3 mins late for you and she shuts the curtain in my face. I know it was just a curtain and I would’ve still easily punched her in the face through it but I complied BUT even if it was 1 min or 1 sec LATE my point was, I was ON TIME!!!

Anyway, as soon as the curtain opened she called me ala VVIP and we went inside.

photo 2

As soon as Adrian saw the elves he was happy, in fact even waiting in line he had a positive attitude but most especially when he saw SANTA! The joy in his face was priceless! He immediately went to sit on his lap and talked to him. Made all the negativity outside melt away.

It’s really amazing how children can be so innocent when it comes to things and how adults can be very petty with each other.

I’m happy we came but definitely NOT coming back next year. Sorry organizers you lost a patron in us when you hired that ELF! and when you decided to make Santa Asian and thin. (#stillhealing #cannotmoveon)


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