Weekend getaway


For Arnie’s 37th birthday we “surprised” him with a weekend stay at Atlantis Hotel. Surprised in quotes because he actually gave me the green light to book the hotel, he just didn’t want to know the exact details about when (that was the surprise part).

It was nice to getaway for the weekend, even if we didn’t really leave Dubai, it felt like we were somewhere else. My boys were over the moon happy! The Lost Chambers Aquarium and the Aquaventure Water Park were just an elevator ride away! Oh and did I mention it was all free – all-inclusive with the hotel stay. Which made Arnie over the moon happy hehe.20131214-181339.jpg

With Aquaventure entrance at 250 per person (less 85 for UAE residents) and the Lost chambers at 100 add (less 25 with valid UAE ID) checking in made more sense to us. We got to take our time and relax visiting these places plus we got to go in two consecutive days. This fun-filled weekend plus endless chips, juice and candy (things I always over pack when we check in) leave my boys exhausted and full of sweets and salty snacks! I’m very sure our dentist will kill me on their next check ups but I’m pretty sure this makes me Mother of the Year in their book! (that’s all that matters, right?)

I do have to give special mention to the staff of Atlantis, The Palm. Everyone was pro active, anticipating our every need and offering to help even before we ask. Kudos to their Guest relations trainer (not familiar with the lingo).





Today is Arnie’s actual birthday and all he wants to do is sleep in (couldn’t keep up with all the activities yesterday hehe).

To my dear husband, Happy birthday and we hope you enjoyed your “surprise” weekend as much as the kids enjoyed theirs.


2 Comments on “Weekend getaway”

  1. Janice says:

    Happy birthday Arn Arn!!

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