mid week zoo break

I’ve been so busy last week running around all over town buying some last-minute gifts and collecting materials for my “Christmas Craft” (will blog soon). I know Christmas is still 9 days away but last Thursday we had our annual Christmas party with friends from Dubai World. Which actually makes up more than half of my Christmas list. Best part is, once this party was finish, I’m practically home free.

But of course I had to bring Aden with me everywhere I go. This is presenting to be my daily major challenge because sometimes most of the time he starts to get bored and starts touching things he shouldn’t be touching (sometimes expensive things) this adds to my stress as well.20131216-192702.jpg

To help calm both of us down, I decided to take him to the Dubai Zoo last Tuesday (after a little errand close to the zoo of course). We don’t get to do things like this during the week because most of the time we have to wait for Adrian to join us. But it was nice to treat Aden a little special that day especially after I’ve felt selfish doing errands and not paying any attention to him.


Dubai Zoo is so conveniently located and very small, perfect for an hour tops with your little one. I can’t say it’s great for the animals because their living quarters are so small the animals actually looked depressed. But my little tot was too happy to notice any of it. With its 2aed entrance fee it’s a sure winner in my book.




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