my DIY Christmas project

I’ve never been the DIY kind of girl. I appreciate the originality and the effort that people put into it but I’ve never been able to do it ON MY OWN. My sister or my mother always execute creative things for me. But this time around no one was there to do it for me so I had to woman up and do it myself.

With Pinterest on my finger tips I’ve spent many a sleepless nights going through it. I would’ve just bought a box of chocolates for our friends and wrap it with christmas wrapper (like what I did last year). But I wanted to do something different this year.


The inspiration

My first thought was to give out food in a mason jar simply because I’m obsessed with them. Then I saw this website (click on the picture to be able to go to the website) on Pinterest. The Santa Belt appealed to me the most because my first thought was “I can do this”. The food that will go with the jar was always going to be store-bought (in my head) I mean, I could bake or make truffles but really?????? So Caramel popcorn with mixed nuts was my choice of filling from Garrett’s – of course!


I think mine came out close to the original don’t you think? I like how fun and festive my jars came out. I did have some doubts when we started giving it to a couple of Muslim guys from the office but hey! ‘Tis the season, right?

In the end, my jars came out cheaper than my box of chocolates ideas which makes me feel happy and fulfilled! But rest assured whatever my jars lack in monetary value, the love and time I’ve given to each and every one of them makes them priceless (BOLA! haha)

My Materials:


Crepe paper, twine, felt paper, mason jars (all from DAISO) and a new glue gun with glue sticks

Found these Christmas Washi tape at Paper lane and I decided to spruce up some plain cards I had in stock. I also went ahead to decorate my manila envelopes for mailing as well. Can’t wait to hear what the people at the post office has to say.




4 Comments on “my DIY Christmas project”

  1. Candy says:

    Good job Nix!! I like the washi tape idea too!! Love u!

  2. Janice says:

    Good job pang!!

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