The Cath Kidston story

The title sounds like a murder mystery novel, but I guess in a way it is. This is about a death in the family…the death of my BAG! hahaha Read on if you sympathize with me.


If you don’t know me at all! (but I’m sure most of you do) I LOVE MY BAGS (and wallets, and shoes!) I love them until I move on to the next favorite of the month/season/year. Husband says that’s why he doesn’t buy me expensive bags – because I easily get tired of them (I know what an excuse right? Anyway!!!). So when my current flavor of the month Cath Kidston bag gave up on me (broke) in the middle of my current obsession with it, I was devastated! (drama!)

Compared to Lanvin, Givenchy, or Bottega my Cath Kidston was/is not as expensive but it’s one of the higher end bags that I OWN. I specially bought it from the UK with the hopes of having it as a souvenir from my trip.  You can say it has added sentimental value too. So when the turn lock broke I had to do something or else the husband will ban me from buying any bags more than $10, I’m being generous he will ban me from buying any bags PERIOD.

20131218-111959.jpgFirst, I looked online if there was at least a store close to where I am that I could bring the bag and have it fixed – but there was none. Then I had high hopes when I brought it to our local do-it-all repair shop only to be shot down with the words “I’m sorry madam, this bag is gone”.

Not willing to give up, I emailed their main office in the UK. I was not expecting much but maybe just a nudge to the right direction on what I should do. And when they replied they did not disappoint! They told me I can mail them the bag back and if they discover that the product was faulty and their product failed its quality promise then they may give me an exchange. I’m very happy about their customer service, Denise the person I was corresponding with was very precise yet polite on giving me instructions on what I should do to ensure a smooth return.

Excited over this piece of good news, I mailed them my bag immediately and is  patiently waiting for their reply. I will definitely let you guys know how all this nightmare ends.


5 Comments on “The Cath Kidston story”

  1. Janice says:

    Yey for Cath!! 😉

  2. Miss Piggy says:

    Any news on whether it is repairable or not ? I have another bag from Cath Kidston with the same lock system, I did not wear it often but it broke the same way as yours did… To much disappointment !

    • i know it’s frustrating but i’m happy to report that the replacement bag is on it’s way to me (at least that’s what they said). They didn’t have my exact bag in stock so they made me choose another bag with the same price that I paid for. If you have time try to contact them you might be surprised…good luck!!

      • Miss Piggy says:

        Thank you for your reply, I have sent an email to the customer service to find out alternative solutions and they were quick to respond, however they do need a receipt (it was a present from my husband from 2-3 years ago…) and they do not know anybody that could repair such lock… That’s a shame. Hope you enjoy your new bag !

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